The New Insecticides 

The world of pest management in the landscape industry is one that has changed dramatically over the past 10 years....

Who's in Control? 

Beyond the fact that your customers want to get rid of them, what do you know about red imported fire ants (RIFA) and the options in controlling them?...

CHEMICAL UPDATE: Turfgrass Insecticides 

Turfgrass insects. They're a bane for nearly all turf managers, and products to control them are the focus of this, the second segment of Grounds Maintenance's "Chemical Update" series....

The New Herbicides 

With the massive amount of new information that becomes available every year for turfgrass managers to decipher, it is difficult for anyone to keep up....

CHEMICAL UPDATE: Turfgrass Herbicides 

The chemical industry is ever-changing and new products are introduced every year, so our Chemical Updates offer a practical tool....

CHEMICAL UPDATE: Vertebrate Pest Controls 

They're cute, often furry and more clever than other pests. And while vertebrate pests rodents, birds and deer can appeal to human sentiment, they can also wreak havoc to the properties you manage....

A New Look at an Old Bentgrass 

Ask turfgrass managers what they consider to be the best attributes a turfgrass can have and immediate answers include increased density, color and texture as well as the highest possible environmental stress, disease and insect resistance....

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