Preparing for Winter 

Bermudagrass is the most widely used turfgrass in the southern United States for golf courses, athletic fields, parks, roadsides and private grounds....

Hydraulic Seeding 

You have probably driven down the highway or through neighborhoods and have seen that green stuff sprayed on dirt. The correct terms for it are hydromulch or hydroseed....

CHEMICAL UPDATE: Non-Selective Chemicals 

Even though selective herbicides seem to offer the ultimate in pest control--the ability to eliminate weeds without harming desirable turf and ornamentals--you sometimes need the opposite: a product that completely eliminates vegetation for renovations....

CHEMICAL UPDATE: Adjuvants/Wetting Agents 

Adjuvants come in many forms, but their essential role is to make spray mixtures more effective. Sometimes factors are present that prevent the pesticide from doing as it is intended....

CHEMICAL UPDATE: Ornamental Products 

Pesticides are still a critical tool for managing pests that attack trees, shrubs and herbaceous ornamentals, even though ornamentals may not receive the regular chemical applications that you often provide for turf....

Crabgrass control with pre-emergence herbicide applications 

As spring approaches, the majority of turf managers budget pre-emergence herbicide applications as the first big expense of the year for control of summer annual weeds such as crabgrass and goosegrass. The use of pre-emergence herbicides has traditionally been the basis of turf chemical programs; however, applying these materials never guarantees complete weed control. Erratic levels of control are often attributed to seasonal variations or cultural mismanagement that reduces herbicide efficacy....

CHEMICAL UPDATE: Plant Growth Regulators 

Plant growth regulators, or PGRs, offer a variety of benefits on top of acting as tools to reduce plant growth. Grounds care professionals are using PGRs to reduce maintenance and to improve plant vigor....

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