On the Level 

Insects. Everybody's got 'em. Good ones and bad ones. But should you worry about them? You bet. Not only should you worry about the damage they are causing, but also about how many of them are crawling around on your turf....

Japanese Beetles Make an Impression 

Japanese beetles have been a pervasive pest in East Coast states for many years. Although populations wax and wane with weather conditions, they recently have made a phenomenal comeback....

Chemical Update: Turfgrass Insecticides 

Products for controlling turfgrass insects is the focus of this, the second segment of Grounds Maintenance's Chemical Update series. We revise these Updates each year to provide a current and comprehensive guide to pesticides registered for turf and landscape ornamentals....

Pesticide Practices 

We've all seen them. The obvious signs that pests are feasting on the plants that you're paid to take care of, destroying their beauty with each bite....

Fighting the Resistance 

Herbicide-resistant weeds often are thought to simply be myths. Like the Loch Ness Monster, UFOs and the Boston Red Sox winning the World Series, herbicide-resistant weeds are something that you have never seen with your own two eyes, so you question whether they really even exist or occur....

CHEMICAL UPDATE: Turfgrass Herbicides 

January begins the first segment of Grounds Maintenance's Chemical Update series. Each year, we revise the Updates to bring you the most up-to-date and complete guide to pesticides registered for turf and landscape ornamentals....


For landscape professionals, deer can evoke both joy and anger. There is no doubt that in parks, golf courses and commercial landscapes, deer bring joy...

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