Industrial Strength 

A single tree coming into contact with a high-voltage transmission line can cause an electrical failure that affects millions of customers....

CHEMICAL UPDATE: Non-Selective Chemicals 

While selective herbicides seem to offer the ultimate in pest control the ability to eliminate weeds without harming desirable turf and ornamentals - you sometimes need the opposite: a product that completely eliminates vegetation for renovations, vegetation management or simple spot spraying....

CHEMICAL UPDATE: Vertebrate Pest Controls 

They're more clever than other pests and their appeal to human sentiment can create something of a public relations predicament. Vertebrate pests - rodents, birds and deer - can be incredibly difficult pests for landscape managers....

CHEMICAL UPDATE: Ornamental Products 

While ornamentals may not receive the regular chemical applications that you often provide for turf, pesticides are still a critical tool for managing pests that attack trees, shrubs and herbaceous ornamentals....

CHEMICAL UPDATE: Plant Growth Regulators 

While you may think of plant growth regulators, or PGRs, simply as tools to reduce plant growth, this is just one of their attributes. In reality, PGRs...

To the Rescue 

Spring is now upon us and many gardeners and outdoor enthusiasts are enjoying the warming conditions and sun-filled days that spring ushers in. The old adage "April showers bring May flowers" still holds true, but for many, April showers and May flowers also signal the onset of a busy season battling the Red Imported Fire Ant....

Spoon Feeding 

One of the most challenging aspects of golf course management is putting green culture. Successfully maintaining turfgrasses at or 5/32 inch mowing height is highly dependent on your commitment to sound agronomic practices....

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