CHEMICAL UPDATE: Fertilizer/Pesticide Combinations 

Designed to complement our Turfgrass Chemical Updates, Grounds Maintenance publishes additional Updates throughout the year that guide you through your...

Enhancing Efficiency 

Nitrogen influences turf health and quality more than any other nutrient. For this reason, nitrogen efficiency is a key component of every turf management...

Foliar Feeding 

Fertilization exists to supply essential nutrients to plants to achieve desired color, growth and pest resistance. As the demands of the turf are increased...

CHEMICAL UPDATE: Turfgrass Fungicides 

Presented in a format that puts the solution to nearly every turf disease problem within easy reach, fungicides are the subject of our third Chemical...

Add-ons Add Up 

How many times have you heard this comment from your customers? That plant has been there for five years and I've never had a problem with it until I...

Understanding Fungicides 

What are fungicides? The popular definition: fungicides are any chemical that can inhibit the growth or development of a fungus. The technical definition:...

Pest Prophecy 

Cost effective insect management often begins with the cost of the insecticide selected to control the pest. However, many other factors can be equally...

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