MOWER Hustler Turf Equipment's Super Z Diesel mower offers a 34-hp Caterpillar diesel engine and a top speed of 15 mph. The mower has a cutting height range of 1 inch ot 7 inches....


When in the field operating power equipment, there are a number of potential problems. Reducing downtime for the equipment is important in maintaining your profit margin, or for accomplishing the tasks on your long list....

Mowing Matters 

A long-time lawn mower dealer in Maryland said he could remember the days when homeowners got out their push reel mowers and mowed their lawns every Saturday....

When the Mowing Gets Rough 

When it comes to cutting the tough jobs those jobs with tall strands of thick grass, weeds and even small trees the flail mower steps to the plate....

Fresh Cut 

Some questions in life are easy. Watch the game or tackle the household honey-do list? Go out for wings and beer or stay in for steamed veggies and rice?...

Getting Ahead 

Three-wheel riders made up much of the commercial mowing landscape before zero-turn radius mowers were ever invented. And today, even with the rise in demand for zero-turn riding mowers, three-wheel machines with out-frong mower have their niche in the markteplace....

Keep Your Eyes Open 

There are many kinds of dangers that can befall your grounds equipment. Hoses can leak, belts can wear thin or bearings can corrode. In the course of performing preventtive maintenance on equipment, there are several steps to follow....

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