Maintain quality tees 

Nearly all superintendents have to deal with problem tees at some point during their career. Tees receive as much wear as any area of the golf course,...

Cultural and environmental factors influence green speed 

The effects of nitrogen and mowing height on putting-green speed are well-known. Less obvious are the long-term effects of secondary practices, such as...

The battle of the bunkers 

I'm convinced that the colorful language that emits from golfers' mouths originated from players trying to extricate golf shots from the sand burrows...

Elements and issues of greens renovation 

For decades researchers, agronomists, golf-course superintendents and grounds-maintenance managers have realized the importance of providing a healthy...

Golf course reclaim "lost" land 

Reclaim--To make suitable for cultivation or habitation-- This definition aptly, if only generally, describes the process by which increasing numbers...

Repair divots and ball marks 

The average golfer leaves about 12 ball marks during a typical round of golf. With a daily average of 160 rounds on a typical golf course, your greens...

Low-maintenance turfgrass - the practical choice for golf-course roughs 

In The Dictionary of Golf, Spencer David defines "rough" as the "undesired playing area where grass is maintained above 1.5 inches in height." This is...

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