Choices in edging products

Q: Which is better: Poly/vinyl or aluminum/steel edging?

Larry Olson, president, Oly-Ola Sales Inc. (Villa Park, Ill.)

Safety and function are the most important reasons for using a poly/vinyl landscape edging. It is the ideal choice for any landscape design. Contractor-proven poly/vinyl edging is durable, flexible, more versatile and safer than aluminum/steel edging products. And, poly/vinyl edging has no sharp edges or rust problems about which to worry.

Please remember that all poly/vinyl edgings are not created equal. Choose from a reputable manufacturer who has a strong guarantee and references that prove a successful track record in our industry.

Regarding the safety difference between poly/vinyl edgings and steel/aluminum edgings, the choice is simple. Think of your children or grandchildren playing in your yard. They run and jump around, fall down and roll as children often do. Do you want them to fall on a thin, sharp chunk of hard, metal edging or a non-lethal piece of pliable poly/vinyl edging? Consider what can happen when a lawn mower or power edger accidentally cuts your metal edging. Besides severe damage to the power equipment, metal fragments can shoot into your feet and legs and toward any children, adults or pets within 30 to 50 feet.

According to Colorado Green magazine, "In Colorado, reports of people and pets being cut, bruised or otherwise injured by uncapped metal edging are on the rise, and related insurance claims and litigation are on the upswing. This has prompted a law proposal that all metal edgings must be covered by a plastic safety strip or cap to reduce injuries."

The choice is easy. Poly/vinyl edgings give you safety, function and peace of mind.

Daniel Zwier, president/landscape architect, PermaLoc Corp. (Holland, Mich.)

Today's landscape is evolving into an increasingly sophisticated environment. Maintenance equipment, such as power edgers and trimmers, continue to play an increasing role. Rapidly accepting of this technology, both the landscape-maintenance professional and the do-it-yourselfer is readily able to bring a higher level of aesthetics to the landscape. The beauty of aluminum and steel edging is that it is able to withstand the increased demands of such maintenance equipment without sustaining damage. Increasingly, the market has demanded the unequaled durability and longevity that metal edgings provide.

Long-term product safety is an important factor. Having marketed PermaLoc aluminum edging for more than 16 years, our firm has never had an incident of injury-a record of which we are very proud.

Another advantage is longevity-three to five times longer than that of plastic edging. When taken over the lifetime of a landscape, this greatly reduces long-term maintenance costs.

In addition, the engineering of metal edging is better on the two aspects most costly to produce and most critical to any edging system's performance: the staking and connectionsystem. An aluminum system's long, interlocking stakes-designed to stay in the ground-are a must. A tubular connection system that easily separates-often found on poly/vinyl systems-in no way compares to metal edging's permanent, interlocking system. Metal edging also takes considerably less labor to install because its rigidity allows natural, free-flowing curves.

In every way, metal edging is a great value.

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