Finale vs. Roundup

Q: Which herbicide is better--Finale or Roundup? Dr. David Spak, Field development manager, AgrEvo Environmental Health

Finale herbicide is unique because it is the only non-selective herbicide with both contact and systemic activity. Finale and Roundup both offer effective non-selective weed control, but Finale does it faster--up to four times faster. No other single herbicide offers such speed and efficacy.

Under high temperature and humidity, first signs of activity can occur within hours of a Finale application, while visible activity from Roundup can take days. The difference in speed between the two products becomes even more apparent under cooler temperatures.

Other Finale strengths compared to Roundup include: * More active on a per pound active ingredient (ai) basis. Rate range for effective weed control with Finale is 0.75 to 1.5 pounds ai per acre, whereas the Roundup rate range is 1 to 5 pounds ai per acre. * Pinpoint edging. Finale does not translocate laterally when used to edge turfgrass areas, providing a clean, precise edge. This is critical for edging bunkers on golf courses, treating ornamental beds and trimming fencelines. * Better control of dandelion and clover. Finale provides excellent control of these two common landscape weeds. * Reduced off-site tracking. Fewer "dead footprints" in desirable turf with Finale, as compared to Roundup. * Safety to non-target ornamentals. No whole-plant injury from drift or misapplication, which can occur with Roundup due to extensive translocation. * No surfactant needed. Finale is formulated with a high-performance surfactant. Finale continues to gain popularity as users identify how the product fits their specific needs.

Dr. Nelroy Jackson, Manager, product development, Monsanto Co.

The old saying "haste makes waste" can be true in weed-control operations. Herbicides are a significant item in most grounds-care budgets, so it makes sense to get the most from those dollars. Respraying for poor performance is a waste of money and time.

We receive many testimonials from customers who confessed to giving Finale a try. They had heard the comparisons to Roundup and were intrigued about claims of a faster kill. Initially pleased, their satisfaction waned when many Finale-treated weeds came back. They turned to Roundup Pro to finish the job right.

The active ingredient (ai) in Roundup Pro is the only systemic non-selective herbicide. This means the weed is killed completely, so it can never come back. The ai in Finale is a contact herbicide, which kills by affecting green vegetation. Weeds can come back from the roots.

A tall-fescue study at North Carolina State University illustrates the varying percentage of control. After 7 days, Finale had 74 percent control vs. 29 percent for Roundup Pro. After 48 days, however, Roundup Pro showed 100 percent control vs. 0 percent for Finale.

Other reasons for choosing Roundup Pro: * It is fully loaded with an efficient surfactant system, so there is no need to mix. * The full formulation has been placed in toxicity Category IV, and it carries a Caution label, the least restrictive and easiest to defend with customers.

Finally, when you buy Roundup, you buy the most widely recognized and trusted herbicide in the world. Convincing Roundup testimonials abound.

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