What should I tell my customers when they ask me about the dangers that lawn pesticides pose to their cats and dogs? — via the Internet


You can assure them that their pets will not be harmed with pesticide applications you make. All pesticides are carefully tested before qualifying for registration by the EPA and before they can be sold. Part of this testing includes determining possible effects on non-target organisms such as pets. Pesticides that pose an unacceptable risk to non-target organisms cannot be registered. Of course, you should have your customers follow the same re-entry procedures for cats and dogs as is recommended for humans. Wait until the treated area dries (in the case of liquid application) and, for granular materials, comply with label directions for re-entering the treated area.



I had a close friend tell me that buying will-fit hydraulic filters for my mid-sized riding mowers may cause damage to them. Is that true? — via the Internet


Your friend is correct. These can damage your mower and will not provide the performance intended by the manufacturer. The purpose of a hydraulic filter is to modify the mower's fluid. The two contributors that destroy hydraulic fluid are heat and contamination. The contamination will break down the ability of the oil to lubricate the components. This, in turn, wears down the components and makes them less efficient. Filters also must offer the correct particle sizing to handle the flow capacity of the mower's system and the pressure rating. The flow capacity of the filter is the amount of oil that passes through the media without the bypass valve opening. The filter should be correctly matched to the amount of oil that the system generates. The filter must also be able to withstand a given pressure. If you compare filters they may have the same outside dimensions but be totally different on the inside.

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