I'm thinking of leasing some mowing equipment for my landscape maintenance business. What would be some of the advantages of leasing instead of buying? — via the Internet


A lease is a contractual agreement, meaning that one party (the lessee) agrees to pay a monthly fee for the exclusive right to use and possess equipment of another party (the lessor) for a specified period of time. The benefits for you as the lessee are that it can free up working capitol, meaning this can put the equipment to work for you immediately. Leasing may allow for lower monthly payments than those required by other conventional methods of financing. A lease can conserve existing credit lines, keeping your borrowing capacity intact. Other types of financing usually require a large down payment while 100-percent financing is typically available in leasing. Leasing mowing equipment will give you the advantage of having new equipment with the latest technology that is available at that time. Some leases are treated as an operating expense, thereby reducing your tax burden.



I've heard of a new disease of bentgrass called rapid blight. What can you tell me about it? — Kansas


Rapid blight is a newly discovered disease of annual bluegrass, rough bluegrass and perennial ryegrass overseedings. The disease also has been observed on salt-stressed bentgrass. Symptoms include severe yellowing of turf and a water-soaked appearance to the diseased foliage. The disease is thought to be caused by fungi in the Chytridiomycete class; although, attempts to isolate the fungus from infected tissue have failed. The disease was first noted in Western states in the mid-1990s and later in the Southeast (South Carolina, North Carolina and Florida). Preliminary field-trial results indicate that the fungicides mancozeb, and strobilurins (trifloxystrobin (Compass, Bayer) and pyraclostrobin (Insignia, BASF)) provide some measure of prevention or control.

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