In our area, salt presents turf problems. How do turfgrasses rank in salt tolerance? — via the Internet


Not sure where you reside, but here's a salt tolerance ranking of selected turfgrasses:

Common Name Threshold ECe Average
Seashore paspalum 8.6
Alkaligrass 8.5
Saltgrass 8.0
Kikuyugrass 8.0
St. Augustinegrass 6.5
Tall fescue 6.5
Perennial ryegrass 6.5
Hybrid bermuda 3.7
Creeping bentgrass 3.7
Zoysiagrass 2.4
Centipedegrass 1.5
Very sensitive =≤dSm-1
Moderately Sensitive = 1.6-3.0 dSm-1
Very Tolerant =>10.1 dSm-1
Tolerant=6.1-10 dSm-1
Moderately tolerant=3.1-6.0 dSm-1



Is there any research that backs up the common idea that the appearance of a business leads to increased customer traffic? Valid studies could be very helpful in establishing contact with business owners. — Massachusetts


The University of Washington, College of Forest Resources, Center for Urban Horticulture conducted research on the subject. In a national study, researchers surveyed business owners and managers, potential patrons and shoppers to investigate public perception about the role of trees and landscape plants on consumer behavior. Surveys were sent to selected districts in the cities of the Pacific Northwest, Austin, Los Angeles, Chicago, Pittsburgh and Washington, D.C. Respondents were asked to specify a price for each of 15 items in a “basket of goods” in the business district. Prices were on average about 11 percent higher for products in the landscaped-district compared to no-tree district. This was true of low-price and impulse-buy convenience goods (such as a sandwich or flower bouquet) as well as bigger-ticket items, such as sports shoes or glasses. In another study, 74 percent of those surveyed preferred to patronize commercial establishments whose structures and parking lots are beautified with trees and other landscaping.

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