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Turf aerators have long offered grounds managers and golf course superintendents a tool to promote strong, healthy turf. Equipment manufacturers offer a variety of choices in this equipment category. There are deep tine aerators for the golf course market, powered walk-behind aerators for the landscape maintenance contractor and wide-area units for those large areas of turfgrass. Just take a look at what this product category has to offer. If you need more information, use the circle numbers provided at the end of each product description.

AerWay, manufacturer of the original Shattertine aerator, has introduced two new tine options: the Sportstine for fairways and the Finetine for greens. Shattertine aeration is used to eliminate compaction 7 inches and deeper to establish percolation rates. The new tine options can be used without disrupting play on golf courses to relieve surface compaction and maintain infiltration rates. This “venting aeration” is usually accomplished in conjunction with a smoothing roller option to ensure immediate playability. The Shattertine uses a patented design of angles and offsets to break down the compaction layers and recreate the capillary action of the natural soil profile between the voids. On average, you can vent 18 greens in less than three hours using these aerators. The optional AerWay smoothing roller allows you to vary the depth of venting 4 to 6 inches deep when moisture is plentiful and 2 to 4 inches during times of stress.
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The Billy Goat Ezair aerator's low center of gravity increases control on slopes. Its design allows all tines to penetrate evenly into the ground, promoting consistency. The rear casters and front differential combine to give the aerator maneuverability in tight areas. The Ezair features an independent throttle for controlling ground speed with productivity up to 33,000 square feet per hour. A handlebar-mounted lever raises and lowers tines. The unit is powered by a commercial-duty 5.5-hp Honda or Briggs & Stratton engine. The aerator housing is constructed of 7-guage steel along with six greasable pillow block bearings and heavy O-ring chain.
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The BLEC Groundbreaker can accomplish both de-compaction and drainage tasks. It relieves compaction down to 10 inches and also produces a drainage network of narrow slits to allow surface water to flow down into the soil. The BLEC offers a heavy-duty PTO-drive system and overload clutch that powers a strong rotor fitted with hardened, curved, wedge-shaped blades that penetrate the ground. The aerator breaks up the sub-base laterally between its slits, using side forces produced by the blades. It keeps surface disturbance to a minimum through pre-formed skids positioned closely between the blades. The skids also control the blade-digging depth between 3 and 10 inches. Adjust the depth with screw adjusters mounted on each corner. The Groundbreaker models are available in widths of 40, 60, 80 and 100 inches. Options include a rear-tine frame that opens up slits and prepares the aerator to accept sand and topdressing material. A sand back-filling attachment provides one-pass operation.
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The BlueBird 742 is available with two engine options: a 3.5-hp Briggs and Stratton or a 4-hp Honda engine. A synchronized clutching system is available with the Honda engine. The 742 uses seven sets of tines with six closed coring spoons per tine to produce an aerating width of 25.5 inches and an aerating depth of up to 3 inches. A patented free-wheeling outer-tine system allows you to continue aerating without damaging the turf while turning tight corners. The side wheels and weights are removable for easy transport. The removable weights also allow for more effective aeration on hills and on soft ground. The unit will effectively aerate up to 37,100 square feet per hour.
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Broyhill's AccuAire core aerator incorporates a Flex Wing design that allows it to follow the contour of the ground, providing even penetration. The solid-steel frame and extra-wide racks add weight to maximize core depth in all types of soils. Equipped to use slicer blades or coring spoons, the aerator is available in two lengths; 69 and 93 inches. The AccuAire is also equipped with a hydraulic lift and hooks up easily to the Broyhill TerraForce, the Highlander PRO or other utility vehicles that use hydraulics or a three-point hitch.
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The Bush Hog Plugger, model MPG 720, has ¾-inch spoons that provide enhanced soil penetration, allowing nutrients and air to reach the turf's root system. The unit has a swath of 72 inches and a 1.25-inch-diameter shaft with greasable sleeves that support the 12 independent hubs. The frame is designed as a weight box so that you can add weight to increase down pressure when working in heavily compacted soils. The 720 is rated for tractors up to 60 PTO hp with a Category I three-point hitch. Optional slicing knives are also available.
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The TA-25D “Split-Drive” aerator from Classen is available with two user-friendly controls on the main handle, allowing you to steer and aerate around corners and trees without raising tines. All the tines propel this aerator, allowing for deeper penetration. The TA-25D comes standard with a 4-hp Honda engine, removable weight bar and protective chain guard. The unit can fit through a 36-inch gate.
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The First Products Aera-Vator is a PTO-powered unit. It uses patented vibrating tines to fracture the soil in the root zone. The Aera-Vator can aerate established turf, incorporate soil additives or prepare the soil for seeding. This unit also has a patented swing hitch that allows you to turn and maneuver around objects without tearing the established turf. Pin the rear roller to control tine depth up to 3.75 inches deep. The Aera-Vator is available in widths ranging from 40 to 80 inches. An optional seed box for overseeding or primary seeding is also available.
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Gandy Company offers four models of core aerators as well as three spike aerators to meet the specific needs of grounds managers. Model 4948 is a 4-foot shrouded aerator with independent aerating arms and ¾-inch coring spoons or slicing knives to follow the terrain. The models are available in three-point-hitch or towing packages. The tow model features two manual-lift arms for easy transport. This model joins the 34-, 72- and 96-inch core/slice aerators that Gandy also manufactures.
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Grasshopper's 40- and 60-inch AERA-vator units relieve compaction and aerate turf without prior irrigation and leave no cores to clean up. The Aera-vators are PTO driven. They feature oscillating, forged-steel tines that penetrate and fracture hard, dry soils, encouraging root development and helping improve drainage on playing fields. The unit is compatible with Grasshopper Model 618, and all 700- and 900-series True ZeroTurn out-front units.
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Husqvarna's AR25H features an aerating width of 25.5 inches and is powered by a 4-hp Honda engine. It has two detachable 36-pound weights, allowing stable operation where ground conditions require it, such as on slopes. The AR25H offers a patented free-wheel design, seven-tine-wide cutting deck and removes evenly spaced cores up to 3 inches in length. This allows you to continue aerating without losing speed on tight corners while minimizing turf damage. For maximum stability, you can adjust working depth and settings using the rear-wheel controls. A compact design, along with the folding handle, detachable weights and special lifting handle, make loading and transporting easy. The AR25H offers coring spoons or l spike and slicing-blade reels that can aerate a variety of grass and soil conditions.
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Jacobsen Turf, Commercial & Specialty Products announces the new Jacobsen Lawnaire IV and V Plus self-propelled, high-speed, core-type aerators. Features include a folding handle on the Lawnaire IV Plus for lower transport height and lift grabs on both models for easier loading and unloading. The drive train on both units uses a single heavy-duty chain driving a solid-steel axle mounted on construction-grade ball bearings. Removable dual weights are spring-loaded for easy installation and removal and help increase ground pressure by more than 25 percent. With the added weights and water drum filled, aeration tines can penetrate soil down to a depth of 2.75 inches. The 19-inch aeration width of the Lawnaire IV Plus provides aeration for up to 28,975 square feet per hour. For added stability on sloped terrain, the Lawnaire V Plus features a 26.5-inch path that can aerate more than 40,400 square feet per hour. Both models offer a choice of air-cooled gas engines: 4-hp Honda or 3.5-hp Briggs & Stratton.
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The Aercore 2000 by John Deere features the patented “Flexi-Link” design that ensures tines stay perpendicular to the ground for a consistently round hole. The unit has an 80-inch coring swath; this tractor-mounted attachment delivers increased productivity without sacrificing hole quality, durability or ease of service. The Aercore will produce quality coring holes up to 4 inches deep and can cover 100,066 square feet per hour. There are two coring patterns with this attachment: a 2.4-inch pattern or a 3.2-inch pattern, depending on the speed of movement. Belts power the 2000, making it quiet, smooth and easy to maintain because it doesn't require lubrication.
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The JRCO Hooker aerator offers zero-turn maneuverability. This unit can attach to the front of a zero-turn mower and aerate 1.5 acres per hour at 5 mph. The unique tine rotors make holes up to 3 inches deep, has a 5- × 6-inch pattern and produces six holes per square foot. The Hooker pulls loose plugs of soil, eliminating hard cores and soil compaction. An electric actuator lifts the heads for transport.
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The Land Pride Core aerator CA25 series works to reduce compaction in heavy soil conditions. The units are available in 4-, 5- and 6-foot models. These aerators feature case-hardened ¾-inch spoons that penetrate the ground to a depth of up to 4.5 inches, depending on the soil conditions. The unit pulls a core every 7 inches of forward travel from each of the spoon gangs. Each spoon gang is mounted independently, which minimizes the torque on the spoons during slight turns. Storage stands are located on all four corners for added stability and for ease of hook-up to the tractor. Water tanks are optional on the 5- and 6-foot models, allowing you to safely and easily add extra weight to aid in the spoon penetration.
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LESCO's newest aerator is the “Split Drive” model that provides power and control, giving you the ability to maneuver around trees and shrubs without raising tines out of the ground. Left and right tine assemblies operate independently to increase maneuverability around trees and shrubs. The unit is powered by a 4-hp Honda engine mounted on a one-piece frame. A dual v-belt and #40 chains drive the unit. The aerating width is 24.375 inches and is made up of 36 ¾-inch closed, harden tines. The “Split Drive” has a coring depth up to 2.75 inches. It also features a poly drum that you can fill with water for additional weight.
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The PL800 is Rock Solid's new 30-inch commercial aerator. The unit's hole-punching power is generated by a camshaft and engine that features eight c0ams that provide a tight 2.25- × 8-inch aeration pattern. The tines are driven deep into soil with no add-on weights or water drums. Units are lightweight, with four wheels and a wide, stable base that allows 90-degree turns and maneuverability along curves. A hand lever disengages tines, allowing you to skip over sprinkler heads and sidewalks.
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Redexim Charterhouse's Verti-Core aerators are available in three sizes to accommodate varying working widths of 4.2, 5.6 and 6.9 feet. All Verti-Cores share a gearbox and crank design for the drive system that is a beltless operation. A control mechanism allows you to adjust tine depth from 1 to 5 inches. A rapid-change feature permits speedy tine changeovers, allowing you to fit the Verti-Core with a variety of tine types including the 3/16-inch needle tines.
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The Ryan Lawnaire IV and V Plus self-propelled, high-speed, core-type aerators offer new styling, easier servicing and increased reliability. Features include a folding handle on the Lawnaire IV Plus for lower transport height and lift grabs on both models for easier loading and unloading. The improved drive train on both units uses a single heavy-duty chain driving a solid-steel axle mounted on construction-grade ball bearings. The 19-inch aeration width of the Lawnaire IV Plus can provide aeration for up to 28,975 square feet per hour. For added stability on sloped terrain, the Lawnaire V Plus features a 26.5-inch path that can aerate more than 40,400 square feet per hour. Removable dual weights are spring-loaded for easy installation and removal and help increase ground pressure by more than 25 percent. With added weights and water drum filled, the aeration tines can penetrate soil down to a depth of 2.75 inches. Both models offer a choice of engines: 4-hp Honda or 3.5-hp Briggs & Stratton.
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The SISIS Maxislit is a deep slicer with a 63-inch working width at 7- or 9-inch depth, which works for all turf conditions. The Maxislit has an optional floating rear roller available. The unit provides minimal surface disturbance and is designed to maximize production.
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The Soil Reliever aerifier by Southern Green is available in six different models. The model 54 is for light work on greens and tees with a depth of 10 inches and productivity of 36,000 square feet per hour. The Model 48 is for heavy-duty work with a depth up to 12 inches. The Model 60 is an all-around machine with a working depth of 16 inches and can be used on a tractor with 30 to 45 hp. The model 60 is capable of aerating up to 26,000 square feet per hour. The Model 72 offers more tine options and the Super-Heavy-Duty Model 75 is designed for extreme conditions.
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Terracare introduces the T-144 Terrator. This new lower profile aerator provides improved stability. It is equipped with 144 free-swinging tines that you can raise in and out of the ground using a remote control from the driver's seat of your turf utility vehicle. The tines are designed to produce a smoother hole and replacing them is quick and simple. The T-144 has a 5-foot aerating width and is capable of completing three acres per hour. Hook the units up in a three-gang configuration for greater productivity.
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The Toro ProCore 880 covers an 80-inch swath and produces increased hole quality due to the unique RotaLink centering mechanism. RotaLink requires no maintenance and ensures tines remain vertical as they enter and exit the ground, producing a consistently circular hole while the tractor moves forward. The 880 can cover up to two acres per hour. No timing to tractor is required for operation or to vary the hole-spacing patterns. Simply speed up or slow down to change hole pattern from 1-to 5-inch spacings. Individually floating turf holders keep the turf secure as the tine is withdrawn, preventing turf lift and maintaining a true level surface. For increasing productivity, you can adjust the unit without tools to a depth of up to 4.25 inches. The locking crank handle allows for rapid and accurate depth adjustment. You can install the ProCore on any compact tractor; it is quiet and smooth in operation and there are three sizes available for any turf application.
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Turfco introduces the TurnAer 26 Diff-drive aerator. This new technology results in a machine that can aerate an entire lawn without stopping for turns. The TurnAer allows you to aerate like you mow by turning with the tines in the ground. This unit increases aeration productivity by 30 percent while reducing operator fatigue at the same time. The unit's diff-drive with dual braking action lets you aerate continuously without the constant stops for difficult turns. In addition to the diff-drive and dual brakes, the aerator is powered by a single heavy-duty Kevlar drive belt requiring less adjustment and suffering less wear over a period of time. The chain and belt drives are covered for added protection and safety. TurnAer 26 additional specifications include weighted transport drums; folding, multi-height handle; 2.75-inch coring depth; 4hp Honda engine; sealed, self-aligning bearings; 359-feet-per-minute transport speed; and spring-assist lift.
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The Turf-R-Ator features slicing spikes that have eight points, each 22 inches in diameter, and a solid ¼-inch wheel. There are nine wheels, each spaced 6 inches apart with a slicing swath of 54 inches. The nine wheel supports come with two grease fittings and ½-inch ball bearings. The unit is available in either a pull-behind that is raised and lowered hydraulically or as a 3-point-hitch model.
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The Ventrac EA-600 AERA-vator is designed to stir and loosen soil beneath the sod without destroying the turf on the surface so you can use it on turf immediately after treatment. Penetrating the soil with no slicing or cutting action preserves delicate turfgrass roots and stimulates growth. You can mount the unit with an optional seed box to perform overseeding. The EA-600 has a working width of 60 inches and an overall width of 66 inches. It comes with 96 tines and weighs 350 pounds. It also features the Ventrac's quick-attach mounting system and is PTO driven with vibrating forged steel tines.
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Walker Manufacturing introduces the PERFAERATOR, an aerator attachment designed for the Walker Mower. In conjunction with Rock Solid, the PERFAERATOR design delivers a 41.5-inch swath and uses the same Rock Solid camshaft design for driving tines 2.5 inches into soil with no added weight needed. The PTO-driven tines engage and disengage easily to skip over sprinkler heads and sidewalks without slowing down. You can also easily raise the 12-tine set with a lever and locked it in a secure transport position. The productivity of the unit is approximately 60,000 square feet per hour. The 390-pound PERFAERATOR mounts quickly and easily with a sliding PTO drive shaft connection and its own integrated footrests and attachment platform.
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Wiedenmann's Terra Spike XP series allows deep aeration and removal of compaction to a depth of 16 inches. Features include a central adjustment of the entry angle from 90 to 65 degrees; a three-speed gearbox that allows a high operating speed; and a tool-free depth adjustment that accurately sets working depth no matter which length of tine is fitted. A central power pack helps to protect the tines from damage in extremely stony or hard conditions. There is an integrated shock-absorbing system designed to protect the machine and absorb vibration, protecting the tractor and operator. You can outfit Terra Spike with an optional overseeding unit, core collection scraper, windrow, hydraulic brush or a hydraulic lift motor for adjusting the depth from the tractor. Optional Terra Tronic is a precise and quick electronic measuring of the working output, the hole count per square foot and the running speed of the tractor.
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