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With options from ride-on to self-propelled to pull-behind, there is a reel mower available to meet your mowing needs. Check out the options for golf course superintendents and other turfgrass professionals. If you need more information about any of these reel mowers, use the circle numbers provided at the end of each product description.


The Luxus series hand mowers from Brill and distributed by Sunlawn, Inc., are light, quiet and easy to push. The flame-hardened blades are of the non-contact design and do not require sharpening. Cutting height is easily adjusted from 14 to 45 millimeters. The Luxus also features a large top cover to protect overhanging shrubs and flowers. The mower is available in two sizes: The Luxus 33 is 13 inches and weighs 15 pounds, and the Luxus 38 is 15 inches and weighs 16.2 pounds. An accessory grass catcher is available as an option.
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Jacobsen's E-Walk all-electric walking greens mower has no oil, no hydraulic fluids and no emissions and generates little noise to avoid disturbing golf course residents and enable early-morning turf care. The 22-inch-wide mower uses two weather-sealed, 48-volt DC electric motors. One motor allows the operator to set the ground speed while the other allows adjustment of the clip frequency. The E-Walk mower features a quick-release E-Pac sealed battery that snaps-in/snaps-out with a built-in, easy-to-read charge level indicator. The ergonomic design of the operator presence control increases operator comfort and control while reducing fatigue.
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The John Deere 3225C and 3235C lightweight fairway mowers have a maximum mow speed of 7 mph with a transport speed of 11 mph. Both models have a 19-gallon fuel capacity that allows for all-day operation. For operator comfort, the command puts the key switch, mow switch, throttle lever and raise/lower lever conveniently at the operator's seat. The controller also offers quick on-board electrical diagnosis, providing less downtime for the operator. A new hood constructed of compost material improves the appearance, sound level and durability of both machines. Both the 3225C and 3235C have mowing widths of 100 inches and are available with optional cruise control and 4-wheel drive.
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The Golf and Turf Series reel mowers from Locke Turf feature a mid-mount support roller for the traction unit. The two-section roller is positioned just ahead of the heavy-duty differential positive drive rubber-coated smooth drive rollers. The weight of the traction unit is carried by the rollers, allowing the cutting units independent full-floating action. The reels are designed to follow the terrain with precision. Traction and reel controls on the handlebar have an operator presence safety feature. The GT-126 mower has a 5.5-hp Honda engine with a variable mowing speed of up to 3 mph.
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The 8400 Hydrostatic Triplex Mower from the National Mower Co. is designed with a low center of gravity and a heavy-duty front end for difficult hills, slopes, banks and edgings. The hydrostatic drive provides independent reel and ground speeds for the perfect cut at any speed while electric reel clutches turn on and off all three cutting reels simultaneously for added safety. The 8400 includes power steering for extra control while trimming difficult areas or negotiating tight corners. The mower is powered by a 16-hp Briggs & Stratton Vanguard engine and has an 84-inch width of cut that covers 3.5 acres per hour.
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The Toro Reelmaster 6500-D and 6700-D fairway mowers are powered by a Kubota 42-net-hp turbo-charged diesel engine and have simplified hydraulics and a manually adjusted reel speed control for reliability and durability. The planetary gear wheel-drive system provides more torque to the drive tires and allows the traction system hydraulics to run more efficiently, with less heat buildup than direct-coupled hydraulic motors. The 6500-D is available in 2- or 4-wheel drive and the five cutting units provide a 96-inch width of cut. The Reelmaster 6700-D has 4-wheel drive standard with a 133-inch cutting swath.
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For use with John Deere's ProGator 2020 and 2030 utility vehicles, the TD100 Top Dresser is designed for use on golf courses and athletic fields. The TD100's galvanized steel hopper resists corrosion, and a steel frame adds strength. A fixed-speed nylon/polyester cord endless conveyor belt moves material under the metering gate and through a rotating brush for even distribution. The conveyor belt and rotation brush are powered by a hydraulic motor that operates off the ProGator hydraulic system. The full-width metering gate controls the amount of material that is distributed. It is infinitely variable for precise metering control. The hopper capacity is 12 cubic feet full or 19 cubic feet heaped. The rated capacity is 1,500 pounds, and the spreading width is 56 inches.
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The high-wheel stainless steel spreader from Lesco features an 80-pound hopper and a cam-operated oscillating agitator that helps eliminate product bridging. A sealed gearbox protects the gear set from dust and debris, and the rear shelf in the hopper helps filter out debris. The shutoff plate features a pattern adjustment slide for even distribution of a variety of products. Frame and bearing house stiffeners provide strength to stabilize full loads and help the spreader stand up to the heaviest workload. Oversized tires increase stability and provide easier application on taller, thicker grasses.
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JRCO's utility vehicle mount combines the carrying capability of a utility vehicle with the precision of the JRCO electric broadcast spreader. The spreader attaches with just one bolt to the available receiver hitch. The JRCO utility vehicle mount can fit the front or rear of most utility vehicles. The heavy-duty broadcaster is designed for spreading all types of granular and pelletized fertilizer, seed and ice-melting pellets. The gate is opened with a push-pull cable, and spread-width is adjusted with an electronic speed control.
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The Maruyama MG10 Granule Spreader is designed for dry chemical, seed or ice-melt applications. The MG10 has a tapered tank for consistent feeding and a ribbed disk for consistent application. The spreader has a range of 18 feet. The spreader also has a manual engine and weighs 3.7 pounds.
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