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If you have a large area to renovate, you need equipment designed to handle the size of that job. The following renovation equipment is more effective for those large jobs and specializes in making them a more productive undertaking. 

The BlueBird TA 10 aerator is designed to be towed by a 16-hp or larger tractor. It has an aerating width of 36 inches with an aerating depth of up to 3 inches allowing the operator to efficiently cover up to 3 acres an hour. Two independent tine rotors with 32 interchangeable ˝-inch closed spoon tines provide maneuverability around corners and tight areas. Five optional weight containers offer optimal soil penetration.

Designed with the help of golf course superintendents, the Dakota Dethatcher 72 offers overseeding and seedbed preparation with a single 6-foot wide pass. Featuring adjustable wheels for ease of operation and easy depth adjustment, the dethatcher allows for close-quarter maneuverability in hard-to-reach places. A PTO driven hydraulic system has a large 30-gallon oil reservoir with a dual oil cooler to prevent overheating.

The PTO PowerRake from FFC Attachments quickly pulverizes soil, removes rock and debris, finish-grades and spreads fill or topsoil. Features include a powerful 8.6-inch diameter drum that works the soil forward and long-lasting carbide teeth positioned for maximum coverage. Wheel arms pivot and store in a vertical position. Designed for tractor loaders with a 3-point hitch, the product is available in three widths — 67, 83 and 101 inches. 

Gandy Co. offers four models of core aerators that have knife options plus three spike aerators to meet the specific needs of grounds maintenance departments. The 4-foot shrouded aerator has independent aerating arms with 0.75-inch coring spoons or slicing knives to follow the terrain. Models are offered in 3-point hitch or towing packages, the tow model featuring two manual lift arms for easy transport. For fine turf surfaces, such as golf course greens, Gandy manufactures 30-inch and folding 90-inch star wheel aerator models that create a mini-hole pattern for access by water, fertilizer or seed, yet do not disturb the playing action.

The Grasshopper AERA-vator is compatible with Grasshopper Model 618 and all 700 and 900 Series True ZeroTurn FrontMount power units. Turf is available immediately after use and the AERA-vator leaves no cores to clean up. It has oscillating, forged steel tines that penetrate and fracture soil. The AERA-vator requires no irrigation prior to operation.

The Harley tractor power box rakes measure 60, 72 and 80 inches. Mounted on a tractor of 18 to 75 hp, the rakes attach easily with a 3-point hook-up and a quick hydraulic coupler. The product stimulates the action of a box scraper by dropping heavy-gauge plates at each end of the roller to trap and gather stones and debris for piling and pickup. Its bi-angular construction permits windrowing to either the right or left, speeding up the job of site preparation.

The TA36 from Husqvarna features an aerating width of 36 inches and attaches easily to yard and garden tractors, requiring a minimum of 16 hp to pull. Five 5-gallon containers serve as weights, allowing for dependable, stable operation. The product offers variable aerating depths up to 3 inches, with an aerating pattern of 4.4 × 6 inches. The 32 coring tines are closed spoon design on two independent tine rotors and are raised and lowered with a hand crank.

The new tractor-pulled Verticut 214 attachment from Jacobsen is a precision-engineered verticutter for golf courses, sports fields and other fine turf applications that can be used with any PTO equipped tractor with 30 or more hp. The unit has three cutting heads that easily float over ground undulations. Each head has 18 adjustable discs with 54 reversible blades that penetrate soil up to 3 inches to quickly remove thatch and debris for healthier turf. The Verticut 214 control features a single hydraulic control lever within easy reach of the operator.

The Aercore 2000 from John Deere features the patented “Flex-Link” design that ensures tines stay perpendicular to the ground for a consistently round hole. With an 80-inch coring swath, this tractor-mounted attachment delivers high productivity without sacrificing hole quality, durability or ease of service. This machine will produce quality coring holes up to 4 inches deep and can cover 100,066 square feet per hour. There are two coring patterns with this attachment — a 2.4-inch pattern or a 3.2-inch pattern, depending on the speed of movement.

The JRCO Hooker aerator offers zero-turn maneuverability. The unique tine rotors make holes up to 3 inches deep, in a 5- by 6-inch pattern — six holes per square foot. The product pulls loose plugs of soil, eliminating messy hard cores and soil compaction. Attached to the front of a zero-turn mower, it can aerate 1.5 acres per hour at 5 mph. An electric actuator lifts the head for transport.

The CA25 Series from Land Pride Core Aerators helps reduce compaction in heavy soil conditions. Available in 4-, 5- and 6-foot units, these aerators have case hardened spoons to penetrate the ground to a depth of 4 inches, depending on soil conditions and additional weight needed. A core is pulled every 7 inches of forward travel from each of the spoon gangs and each gang is mounted independently, which minimizes torque on the spoons during slight turns. Storage stands are located on all four corners for added stability and ease of hook up to the tractor.

The MICRO-MOWER Model 340 Turf Machine has dynamically balanced high-speed rotor shafts, and the verticut design creates a healthy environment to promote outstanding turf development. It will also destroy core plugs. Full-width rollers allow control of the height from 1 to 4 inches. By changing to finish-cut flail blades, the finish-cut turf mower will do slopes as well as ditches, and it mulches the clippings and spreads them evenly across 117 inches of width.

National Mower Co. introduces its new vertical mowing system. Each of the three cutting heads on the system contains 30 thin, uniquely-contoured spring steel blades spaced 1 inch apart. This provides a precise slicing action, which virtually eliminates turf damage. Precision depth control-Dial-A-Height blade adjustment makes it simple to set the blade depth for any operation from surface-level thatch removal down to 3/8 of an inch for stimulating root growth and increasing shoot density.

The Power Trac Plugger/Core aerator front-mounted attachment utilizes a hydraulically powered drum to plug quickly allowing oxygen to penetrate the ground. Using the float position on the arms of the machine, the aerator is able to follow the contour of the ground to aerate evenly and effectively. The attachment is constructed of heavy-duty steel plate for durability and comes standard with quick attach receiver plate. It is available in 48-, 60- and 72-inch widths to fit any Power Trac commercial model.

Redexim Charterhouse Inc. offers a new line of core aerators, called Verti-Core, which penetrates cleanly to a full 5 inches. The product is available in three sizes: 4.2 feet, 5.6 feet and 6.9 feet. All Verti-Cores share a gearbox and crank design for the drive system for reliable, beltless operation. An easy-to-use control mechanism allows tine depth to be adjusted from 1 to 5 inches.
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The Renovaire aerator from Ryan is designed to aerate large, contoured properties. Each pair of tine wheels is independently mounted and designed to follow ground contours for maximum turf penetration and aeration effect. Standard weight trays can carry up to 100 pounds each for heavily compacted turf. The 6-foot wide aerator can aerate up to 3 acres per hour at 4 miles per hour.

The Toro ProCore 660 and 880 aerators are designed for relieving compaction, controlling thatch and enabling positive gas exchange leading to healthier turf. The 660 covers a 60-inch swath and produces efficient hole quality due to the RotaLink centering mechanism. RotaLink requires no maintenance and ensures tines remain vertical as they enter and exit the ground, producing a consistently circular hole while the tractor moves forward. The 880 covers an 80-inch swath for up to two acres per hour performance.

Turfco's aerators provide quality aeration on a budget. The TM-42/62 come in tow type and 3-point hitch attachments and are designed for large area aeration, lawn care, rental, schools, sports turf and most commercial applications. Both models come with storage legs, making hook-up quick and easy, and the two-tongue can be easily removed to save storage space.

Walker Mfg. introduces the PERFAERATOR, the first aerator attachment designed for the Walker Mower by Walker. The aerator design delivers a 41.5-inch path and uses a camshaft design for driving tines 2.5 inches deep into soil with no added weight needed. The PTO-driven tines engage and disengage easily to skip over sprinkler heads and sidewalks without slowing down. The 12-tine set is easily raised with a lever and locked into a secure transport position.

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