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The summer heat has not been very kind to most parts of the country this year and if the turfgrass you care for is looking a little patchy, it might be time to consider filling in the dead spots with new grass seed. Whether you choose a hydraulic seeding unit or a drop or broadcast spreader, you can expect to gain the same result: full and healthy turfgrass. Just don't forget to water. If you need more information about any of these seeders, use the circle numbers provided at the end of each product description.


The walk-behind TS-20 Turf Seeder from Classen Mfg. comes equipped with a 5.5-hp Honda or Briggs & Stratton engine. The seeder includes a folding handle and quick-remove hopper for easy transportation and it can be converted in minutes to a turf rake or vertical cutter. The 26 heat-treated multipurpose blades are uniquely designed with a cutting edge on both ends of the blade for double the life. The 60-pound-capacity seed box won't rust or dent, and is mounted higher to eliminate clogging. There are five positions and a single action height adjustment.
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EarthWay Products, Inc. introduces the C24 Series Professional Broadcast Spreader that puts the spreader control at your fingertips. The high-volume, 3,350-cubic-inch hopper will hold up to 100 pounds of fertilizer and seed and includes a hopper screen. It also includes the exclusive Ev-N-Spred Dual Port shutoff system with right- and left-side adjustable throwing ports that allow spread pattern adjustments based on material density or size of area to be covered. The broadcast spreader also comes equipped with a height-adjustable handle with three positions and ergonomic cushion grip for hours of comfortable use. The rate setting control is located high on the handle for easy and precise adjustments.
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Easy Lawn Inc. introduces the L65, L90 and L120 hydroseeding units that are designed for the mid-size landscaper and small contractor performing hydroseeding on residential housing developments, office complex landscaping, playgrounds and community parks. The 650- to 900-gallon jet agitation units with poly tanks and low maintenance come in skid and trailer mounts. The machines are easy to operate and require minimal operator training. Easy Lawn also carries a full line of hydroseeding supplies in pre-measured containers.
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The T75 HydroSeeder from Finn Corp. provides another option between the small tank sizes and larger trailer-mounted models, weighing in as a trailer unit with a fully loaded weight of less than 10,000 GVW, satisfying the towing requirements of a ¾-ton or a 1-ton truck without a commercial license. The T75 has a 700-gallon working capacity tank covering 8,700 to 10,500 square feet per load with spray distances up to 150 feet from the discharge gun. The hydroseeder also allows you to apply various blends of seed, fertilizer, fiber mulch and growth-enhancing additives in one laborsaving step.
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The JRCO Electric Broadcast Spreader fits commercial riding and walk-behind mowers as well as utility vehicles. Features include a molded hopper base with improved stainless-steel gate controls, fan and vibrating agitator. A large polyethylene hopper holds 120 pounds supported by a stainless steel frame. An electronic speed control adjusts fan speed for accurate spread widths from 5 to 24 feet. The Model 503 has a foot-operated gate for mid-mount zero-turn radius mowers, while model 504 has a push-pull cable for walk-behinds and utility vehicles. Side deflector and hopper screen are available.
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Land Pride 48-inch and 72-inch Solid Stand Overseeders offer precise placement and seed-to-soil contact, allowing them to overseed existing stands of grass and to establish new turf. The three-way seed-to-soil contact system provides germination and emergence with the solid advantages of a full width-seeding pattern. Straight knives pull up some of the thatch build-up, while the curved knives leave that undisturbed. Fluted seed cups precisely meter the desired amount of seed in a broadcast pattern, delivering metering accuracy. The solid cast-iron packer wheels finish the job by pressing and firmly packing the seed into the soil, eliminating most air pockets.
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LESCO introduces the Renovator 20, which dethatches, slices and seeds — the three key steps to any turf renovation project. The Renovator 20's self-propelled drive, 20-inch-wide coverage and 35-pound seed hopper provide for easy and efficient operation. Key features of the machine include an 8-hp Kawasaki engine with easy-to-operate, fingertip control of reverse and forward ground speeds up to 2 mph, and a compact, low-profile design with flotation tires that provide maneuverability on hills and slopes.
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PSB Company introduces the Prizelawn Commercial Drop CD36C drop spreader. The 36-inch unit includes an ergonomic handle and exclusive stainless steel split agitator that help make turns effortless during operation. The welded hopper and handles are epoxy powder coated to help maintain the product for many years of service. The Prizelawn also features a precision spring-loaded on/off control.
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The SISIS Variseeder is a compact seeder designed for use with compact equipment and most tricksters. The studded roller, specially cast and spiraled to SISIS design, creates, in effect, thousands of little “plant pots” to receive the grass seed that is broadcasted simultaneously. The Variseeder can handle a wide range of seeds, including pure bents. It is also supplied with storage support.
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SpreadEx, a division of TrynEx International, offers the LG 375 commercial-duty granular spreader. Designed specifically for lawn, garden and turf markets, the LG 375 is ideal for spreading seed, fertilizer and control products. Standard with a 10-foot control cable, the spreader's material flow gat calibrates and controls material flow. This allows the operator to distribute the right amount of material for each individual application. An adjustable deflector allows for spread pattern manipulation. Designed to work with multiple service vehicles including tractors, utility vehicles, riding mowers, trailers and pickups, the LG 375 spreader comes standard with a 2-inch receiver hitch mount.
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The Toro soil cultivator attachment, for use with Dingo compact utility loaders, efficiently transforms rough terrain into a planting bed in a single pass. The Toro soil cultivator is designed for such applications as seed and flower bed preparation; cultivating and leveling soil; burying stones, soil clods, debris and grass; blending landscape materials, compost and fertilizer; seeding turfgrasses; and renovating golf course tees and fairway areas. The soil cultivator has an optional seed box attachment that allows users to cultivate and seed simultaneously. The rear mesh roller on the cultivator mixes the seed and soil to create optimal germination conditions.
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With large pneumatic tires that make it usable in almost all turf conditions, the LS-20 lawn overseeder from Turfco Direct is designed for landscape professionals. The LS-20 also features 1.5-inch blade spacing and diamond-over-round metering for more precise application rates that work with a large variety of grass seed, including turf-type tall fescues. The micro-screw depth adjustment permits accurate setting of the cutter blades, ranging from 1.5 inches above the ground to 1.5 inches deep. Other key features on the LS-20 include a 5.5-hp Honda engine and a hopper with approximately 30-pound seed capacity.
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The TurfMaker 430 from TurfMaker Corp. is capable of providing hydro-mulching application on the smallest lawn or covering at least 50,000 square feet in a workday. The 430 has mechanical agitation, a proprietary positive displacement pump, a clear water hose flushing system and an easy loading low profile deck. This machine can also fill itself from an auxiliary water tank.
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