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Your mowing job isn't really done until you manicure the grounds with a gas-powered string trimmer. The following models are available in varying weights with your choice of horsepower and accessories. Whether you are maintaining a golf course or finishing a residential lawn, the string trimmer is the one piece of equipment you don't want to be without. If you need more information about these string trimmers, use the circle numbers provided at the end of each product description.

The Ariens ST622 string trimmer is available with a 6-hp Tecumseh Centura engine with a head that pivots right and left 15 degrees. The trimmer comes with 0.155-diameter cutting cord, a 22-inch cutting diameter, 14-gauge stamped-steel deck and 7-gauge steel frame. A service and storage position makes the trimmer easy to transport, store and service. The unit also features an optional engine-shield kit for extra debris protection.
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The new Echo SRM-210i straight-shaft string trimmer is powered by Echo's 21.2-cc Power Boost Tornado engine, featuring its i-Start starting system. The newly developed Power Boost Tornado engine delivers increased power and higher fuel efficiency while using conventional 2-cycle technology. The 210i's i-Start system reduces operator-pulling effort by 75 percent, supplying fast and reliable equipment starts. Using a commercial-duty air filtration system, the trimmer provides engine protection and extended engine life. A 15.2-fluid-ounce, see-through fuel tank supplies longer run times. The unit features a durable debris shield that includes an adjustable cut-off knife, as well as a standard universal left-right handle. The SRM-210i is available with an optional shoulder harness for operator comfort.
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The Efco 8725LAV is a 25.4-cc commercial — duty trimmer. It offers a solid-steel drive shaft with tempered-steel splines. Engine construction includes a chrome cylinder, aluminum alloy piston and a drop-forged, 3-piece crankshaft with a forged copper connecting rod. The 8725 is a straight-shaft model and comes standard with three cutting attachments.
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Husqvarna's new 326Lx commercial trimmer features the Husqvarna E-TECH II engine, with a horsepower rating of 1.2. The 326Lx uses a hard chromium-plated cylinder bore, forged connecting rod and three-piece crankshaft for extended life. The trimmer's design includes low emissions, low noise and low weight without sacrificing power and torque. In addition, E-TECH II's exhaust emissions are below the requirements in California (CARB stage II). The loop handle is rubber-coated for comfort and can be easily adjusted without the use of tools. The loop handle and compact engine make it easy to turn and use at varying angles for increased maneuverability.
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John Deere heavy-duty line trimmers are powered by 2-cycle, 1.7-hp John Deere M-Series engines. The XT170 and XT170B trimmers offer power-to-weight ratios to provide more power and torque. A low-tone muffler uses a glass-wool lining to reduce sound levels and is made of aluminum to resist rust. The solid-state ignition and a primer bulb assure fast and easy starting. The XT170B weighs 15.5 pounds and the XT170 weighs 15 pounds. For additional operator comfort and safety, both models feature a harness and a safety guard with deflector flap to protect from flying debris.
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The Kawasaki string trimmer lineup includes three models: the KBL23A features a 23-cc Kawasaki engine with a 1.1-pint fuel tank and a dry weight of 9.3 pounds; the KBL26A has a 26-cc engine, 1.3-pint fuel tank and weighs 10 pounds; and the KBL34A is powered by a 34-cc engine and features a 1.7-pint fuel tank and weighs 14.1 pounds. The string trimmers all are powered by a Kawasaki 2-cycle engine, which includes a spherical combustion chamber that offers long run times on a single tank of gas. They come with a low-tone muffler and a protective plastic engine shroud that keeps noise levels low. The handle is available in standard large size or a new, optional, smaller size. It is placed on the lightweight, large-diameter main tube, providing a full range of motion.
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Landscapers Supply 24.1cc string trimmer is powered by a Kawasaki engine with solid-state ignition for reliable starting. An automatic centrifugal clutch protects both the engine and the solid-steel drive shaft from damage. The unit comes equipped with a “D” type handle for ease of use and a dual pro head to help conserve line. The trimmer weighs 11 pounds.
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Makita's new string trimmer model EM4251 has an engine with a displacement of 24.5 cc and 1.1 hp. Increased power-to-weight ratio lends maneuverability and operator comfort to this professional-duty string trimmer. The unit weighs 11.9 pounds, which provides lighter weight and increased balance. At full throttle, the EM4251 registers more than 15 percent less sound than other mini 4-cycle models. Due to the low-speed strength of the engine, operation at partial-throttle further reduces the incidence of unfavorable sound-production. The total hydrocarbon and NOx exhaust emissions from this engine are already lower than the levels scheduled to become effective later this decade.
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The Maruyama BC3020 is a 30.2-cc trimmer offering 40-cc of power, 25-cc weight and increased head speeds as well as more torque, a solid-steel shaft, a Walbro digital ignition and increased fuel economy. The BC3020 is a low-emission certified 2-cycle engine without a catalyst, which helps reduce heat damage.
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RedMax introduces a new string trimmer model BCZ2400 that is powered by the company's new, second-generation Strato-Charged engine. The second-generation engine in the BCZ2400 trimmer meets emission standards without the need for a catalytic converter and has fewer moving parts than the original Strato-Charged engine. The stratified charge is now controlled by a piston port, which means that piston movement controls the fresh air charge, rather than a reed valve that has to open and close.
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The Robin BH2500 is a 4-cycle trimmer that weighs 11.6 pounds. It offers a solid-state ignition, a 16.89-ounce fuel tank and a 57-inch solid-steel shaft. Features include low-end torque, no fuel mix, multi-position lubrication system, and the trimmer meets approved EPA Tier II Standards. The BH2500 has a loop handle, a single shoulder harness and a tool kit is also included.
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Shindaiwa announces the availability of its 4-cycle T2500X trimmer, featuring C4 technology. The engine is 24.5 cc with 1.1 hp, and is designed for the commercial markets. Like the Shindaiwa T2500 straight shaft trimmer, the T2500X features a cross between a 2-cycle and 4-cycle engine. It is lightweight with good throttle response, capable of all-day use and all-position use like a 2-cycle engine, coupled with the low noise, better fuel economy, high torque and reduced exhaust gas emissions of a 4-cycle engine. The trimmer uses a 50:1 fuel mix.
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Stihl introduces the new FS 110: the first product manufactured with the STIHL 4-MIX, a patented engine design offering the benefits of 2-cycle and 4-cycle technologies combined. This engine not only meets the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) “Phase II” emissions standards taking effect in 2005, but also meets the regulations set forth by the California Air Regulation Board (CARB). Powered by the new STIHL 4-MIX engine, the unit offers 5 percent more horsepower, 17 percent more torque and 15 percent less vibration than its 2-stroke counterpart. Built with the Stihl lubrication system, the trimmer runs on the standard 50:1 fuel-mix, eliminating the need for a separate oil chamber.
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Tanaka introduces a new 21-cc, 1.1-hp commercial grass trimmer. The Tanaka TBC-230 features a bearing-supported, solid-steel drive shaft that provides a smooth and efficient power transfer from the engine to the cutting head. The TBC-230 comes with a 5-inch, semi-automatic cutting head and offers the option of using Tanaka's BRAIN, a fully automatic cutting head. The BRAIN automatically senses when you need more line, feeds out the needed length and keeps the engine speed at peak cutting performance. Weighing 10.2 pounds, the unit's power-to-weight reduces fatigue.
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The Windmill trimmer model L4320K features a Kawasaki 43.2-cc engine. The trimmer has a heavy duty, solid drive shaft with anti-vibration construction. It comes with a tap-feed head and a line replacement cartridge. A 9-inch safety bar is molded into the loop handle to provide protection from kickbacks. The total weight of the string trimmer is 15.5 pounds. Choose from 10 different cutting heads for different trimming and brush cutting jobs.
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