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Whether you're using them for light, frequent topdressing or traditional heavy applications, topdressers are important tools for managing your fine turfgrass. Use them for grow-in, filling-in, aerifying holes or making a smooth, level putting surface these topdressers can do it all.

The Cushman Top Dresser 2000 is a fifth-wheel accessory for the Cushman Turf-Truckster. The galvanized steel hopper can hold up to 2,500 pounds of wet or dry material and exerts only 12 pounds per square inch of ground pressure. This low ground pressure is a result of the 5th-wheel design that allows up to 50 percent of the weight to be transferred to the Turf-Truckster for a more even weight distribution, minimal turf compaction and better traction. A separate braking system on the Top Dresser 2000 provides for safer operation. The hydraulic drive system of the 2000 is powered by the Turf-Truckster to drive the 60-inch-wide textured conveyer belt to deliver light or heavy amounts of wet or dry material through a rotating brush for maximum efficiency and consistency.

Dakota's 440 Turf Tender is designed to save time, eliminate labor and lower operating costs. You can topdress, fertilize, repair divots, load small topdressers, fill bunkers and move a variety of materials from the seat of your tractor. This unit has a 4.2-yard capacity, an A-frame hitch design and Dakota turf tires for enhanced handling and low psi.

Earth and Turf Company announces its Model 300 MultiSpread Twin Spin topdresser spreader, which utilizes plastic-spinner technology for easy maintenance. The spinner system spreads up to 15 feet wide and inch deep for a very uniform, light topdressing. The 300 MultiSpread has a capacity of 27 cubic feet heaped.

John Deere's TD100 topdresser is designed for the ProGator 2020 and 2030 utility vehicles. Its galvanized steel hopper resists corrosion and is supported by a steel frame for strength. A fixed-speed conveyor belt moves material under the metering gate and through a rotating brush for even distribution. A hydraulic motor that operates off the ProGator hydraulic system powers the conveyor belt and rotating brush. The full-width metering gate controls the amount of material that is distributed with an opening that adjusts from 0 to 3 inches. The hopper capacity is 12 cubic feet full or 19 cubic feet heaped. The rated capacity is 1,500 pounds, and the spreading width is 56 inches.

Millcreek Manufacturing introduces the Turf Tiger topdresser, a large-capacity topdresser for sports turf and golf course applications that applies a wide variety of topdressing and bulk materials even when wet. The topdresser has a 7,500-pound capacity and applies sand topdressing, compost, infield mix, topsoil mixtures, soil amendments and other bulk materials for sports fields and golf course applications. Extension sides provide a 5-cubic-yard capacity when applying low-bulk-density materials, such as compost. The patented SaberTooth attachment is composed of a series of uniquely arranged steel plates mounted on a rapidly spinning bar, and is more aggressive in handling wet or clumpy material than a brush or spinner attachments. 

Redexim Charterhouse Model 1210 topdresser features optional twin spinners capable of spreading material up to 20 feet wide. The 1210 is a dual-mode topdresser, functioning as either a broadcast spreader with the optional twin spinning disks or as a drop spreader using a rotary brush. The machine is a trailed unit with four pivoting wheels and a capacity of 65 cubic feet. In the drop-spreader mode, it has a spreading width of 6 feet.

Terracare's Terratopper is a spinner-type topdresser using a self-contained gas engine to power it. The Terratopper has a short turning radius and is equipped with an auger that feeds the topdressing to the spinners. The unit produces an even spread of up to 28 feet with optional left, right or full-circle settings. There are three models to choose from: the T-550, T-750 and the 1-yard capacity T-1000.

The Toro Topdresser 2500 is a self-contained, all-wheel-drive unit towed by a Toro Workman or other utility vehicles. The unit has a 25-cubic-foot hopper with oscillating axles and all-wheel drive for consistent application on uneven terrain. The Topdresser 2500 offers a belt-and-broom design that provides you with precise control of application rates for both wet and dry materials. The redesigned belt features a seamless, traction-grip pattern for improved performance, even with fine rates and wet sand. A spring-loaded gate-control mechanism with rubber edge allows easy passage of rocks and chunks, minimizing potential equipment damage. The four wide tires on the 2500 reduce ground contact pressure to protect turf, even with a fully loaded hopper. The hopper has a sight window allowing easy viewing of the material level.

Turfco introduces its WideSpin technology to its proven CR-10 topdresser and material handler. The CR-10 WideSpin is designed to provide golf course superintendents with an increasingly versatile fairway topdresser and renovation tool. The Turfco unit is capable of applying light or heavy topdressing applications and, combined with the unit's angle-adjustable spinners, gives superintendents the unmatched ability to apply a full-range of topdressing depths, from light to -inch or more. The CR-10 has tiltable spinners that give you control over width and depth of topdressing applications, and over the driving force of the topdressing into the turf. Its patented three-position switch sequence ensures that the spinners will turn on before the conveyor and turn off after the conveyor, which results in a clean application. Its four cubic-yard, self-cleaning hopper ensures material flow regardless of moisture or material type.

The Ty-Crop QuickPass 450 is a low-impact, multifunctional topdresser with a load capacity of just under 2 cubic yards. The 450 fills the gap between the 1- and 4-cubic-yard top dressers. The unit is designed to operate from the tow vehicle's hydraulics and can be towed with tractors or vehicles starting at just 15 hp. Choose from one of three quick-attach spreading options (no tools required for installation) to apply wet or dry materials in the application style of your choice, with just one machine. The Twin Spinner Option is designed for broadcasting gypsum, lime and organics, and lightly topdressing up to 35 feet wide. Ty-Crop's Vortex Brush option spreads cart path stone, Turface-type products, crumb rubber, wood chips, compost and a variety of other materials. 

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