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Whether you require light, frequent topdressing for routine maintenance or heavy topdressing during aeration, these topdressers provide a solution to fit your needs. Topdressing helps accomplish several benefits including smoothing, controlling thatch, modifying the surface soil, aiding in renovating and overseeding, and protecting the greens in the winter. Greens that are consistently topdressed are more likely to recover from ball mark damage and are easier to repair. If you need more information about the following topdressing equipment, use the circle numbers provided at the end of each product description.

The BTD-05 Ultra Spin Topdresser from Bannerman is designed to spread uniform layers of material from ¼ inch or less and up to 2 inches. This unit has dual hydraulically driven disks that broadcast topdressing material to various widths. The maximum spread width is 12 feet to 20 feet. The Ultra Spin is also capable of spreading sand, peat, topdressing mix, rock salt and grit. The unit weighs 535 pounds and is powered by tractor hydraulics or an optional engine drive hydraulic power pack.
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The GreensKeeper brush gas powered trailer from Broyhill is designed for fast top dressing incorporation, turf grain management and heavy top dressing incorporation after core aeration. Soft, pliable bristles are firm enough to do the job without damaging grass plants. Rapid brush rotation contacts grass from all directions causing turf to stand up. A 3.75-hp Briggs & Stratton gas engine drives rotating brushes with no hydraulics required. An electric lift cylinder raises and lowers the brush pan. It can be towed by most vehicles and the trailer wheels are in front of the brushes eliminating tire tracks on brushed greens.
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The Cushman by Jacobsen Top Dresser 1500 fits on the bed of the Cushman Turf-Truckster Turf Utility Vehicle. The galvanized steel hopper holds 1,900 pounds of material. Using the hydraulics of the Turf-Truckster, the 1500 drive system is reliable and easy to service. The textured surface of the 56-inch wide conveyer belt and easy-to-operate controls, distributes light or heavy amounts of wet or dry material evenly for maximum coverage on greens, fairways and fields.
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Dakota's Turf Tender 440 is designed to save time, eliminate labor and operating costs by allowing one operator to topdress, fertilize, repair divots, load small topdressers, fill bunkers and move a wide variety of materials from the seat of a tractor without having to replace options. With a 4.2-yard capacity, A-frame hitch design and Dakota turf tires, this unit has a large capacity and a low psi. The hopper has dual hydraulic drive on both forward and reverse options.
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Earth & Turf Products introduces the Model 200 and 300 MultiSpread topdressers. Available in ground drive or hydraulic drive, the 200 spreads material with a beater. It has a 15 cubic feet struck capacity and is designed for two vehicles with a minimum of 16 hp. The 300 model is available in hydraulic drive only. It is offered with a choice of three spreading options — beater, brush or spinner. Its struck capacity is 22 cubic feet and is designed for use with tow vehicles with a minimum of 20 hp. Both models spread a variety of materials such as topdressing for athletic fields, infield mix for baseball infields, chips on pathways and salt-sand or grit on sidewalks and driveways. Available wing kit for the rear shield permits easy control of spread pattern width and direction.
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Terracare introduces the standard Terratopper T-750 pull-behind spinner-type topdresser. This unit is powered by an 8-hp Briggs & Stratton electric start engine. The Terratopper's short turning radius provides maximum maneuverability and it has turf tread flotation tires. It produces an even spread from 15 feet to 25 feet with optional left, right or full circle settings. The T-750 weighs 1,050 pounds and the overall hopper width is 62 inches.
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The bed-mounted Topdresser 1800 and the Topdresser 2500 trailer version from Toro are designed to provide consistent and accurate application rates at variable settings. The 18 cu. ft. capacity 1800 mounts to a utility vehicle and delivers performance with up to 8 mph topdressing speed. A remote on-off application lever allows precise control and placement from the operator's compartment. The self-contained, all-wheel drive 2500 also mounts to a utility vehicle and has 25 cu. ft. capacity coupled with an 8 mph topdressing speed. The all-wheel drive ensures a consistent application rate on uneven terrain.
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Turfco introduces the Mete-R-Matic XL tow-type topdresser that features a mid-range hopper capacity for larger turf areas on golf courses and sports fields. The mid-range hopper capacity is 2.25 cubic yards and it can carry a maximum load weight of 6,000 pounds. This topdresser uses a patented ground drive design to ensure uniform distribution of heavy, medium or light top dressing materials, regardless of the machine's speed. An adjustable metering gate accurately controls the flow of material from the conveyor belt and brush drives it downward to penetrate the base of the turf. Other features include a spreading width of 60 inches, speed capability of up to 8 mph when loaded, and an electrically-operated clutch for conveyor and brush drive.
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TyCrop introduces the TD-460 large area topdresser that is designed specifically for customers with large area topdressing programs. The TD-460 can carry 4 cu. yards of heavy material up to an unequaled 7 cu. yards with lighter composted type materials. This unit has been tested to work with wet or dry materials including sand, topdressing mixes, soil, compost, peat, cart path materials, light gravels, lime, inorganic amendments and crumb rubber. It also comes equipped with low impact four wheel walking beam suspension, endless floor belts, simple to use controls and heavy-duty quality powder coat paint.
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