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Topdressing helps accomplish several benefits including smoothing, controlling thatch, modifying the surface soil, aiding in renovating and overseeding and protecting the greens in the winter. Greens that are consistently topdressed are more likely to recover from ball mark damage and are easier to repair. Whether you require light, frequent topdressing for routine maintenance or heavy topdressing during aeration, these topdressers provide a solution to fit your needs. If you need more information about the following topdressing equipment, use the circle numbers provided at the end of each product description.


The topdressers from Bannerman are designed and built with engineering standards in mind and are hydraulically controlled and accurately calibrated to ensure uniformity and economy. Each topdresser will spread uniform layers of material from ¼ inch or less and as much as 1 to 2 inches. All are accurately calibrated and range in size from 1.5-cubic-yard capacity to 7.5-cubic-yard capacity. Bannerman topdressers allow you to dispense either wet or dry materials.
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Dakota Peat & Equipment introduces the redesigned Turf Tender product line, which include fewer parts and are easier to use, adjust and maintain. The new features give you greater material-handling control from the seat, providing safe, fast and easy adjustments during the job. New to the 410, 412 and 414 Turf Tenders is an electric control box with digital readouts to give you precise control over spreader settings. The 410 control box also features a Honda key start and throttle-up switch for engine models. A new rear conveyor converts the 410 topdresser to a material handler and fits every mounted and pull-type 410 model, regardless of year. The 440 and 420 models have a durable power chute that is electrically operated for greater control over material placement and easier material handling.
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Earth & Turf LLC introduces its new MultiSpread Model 320, a 1-cubic yard topdresser with exclusive, wide-spread beater for lawn maintenance professionals, schools, universities, golf courses and athletic fields. The 320 spreads topdressing materials, infield mix and grass clippings. A two-wheel ground drive with 26 × 12.00-12 turf tires ensures easy pulling by 20-hp tractors.
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The JRCO Electric Broadcast Spreader fits commercial riding and walk-behind mowers as well as utility vehicles. Features include a molded hopper base with improved stainless-steel gate controls, fan and vibrating agitator. A large polyethylene hopper holds 120 pounds supported by a stainless-steel frame. An electronic speed control adjusts fan speed for accurate spread widths from 5 to 24 feet. Model 503 has a foot-operated gate for mid-mount zero-turn-radius mowers while model 504 has a push-pull cable for walk-behinds and utility vehicles. Side deflector and hopper screens are available.
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Designed to increase the multi-functional productivity of its WideSpin 1530 topdresser line, Turfco now offers a Cross-Conveyor attachment that allows the machine to be used for material handling duties. The Cross-Conveyor mounts to either the tow-behind or truck-mount WideSpin 1530, and offers the convenience of a full 180-degrees of rotation behind the machine. The Cross-Conveyor can easily be stowed for transport of the unit. The WideSpin 1530 broadcast topdresser offers Turfco's exclusive WideSpin technology, allowing superintendents to achieve light-or-heavy topdressing performance at various application widths, without external attachments. The WideSpin 1530 can uniformly apply ¼-inch or more of topdressing materials at up to a 15-foot width, and can uniformly apply lighter topdressing at widths up to 30-feet.
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Ty-Crop introduces a new twin spinner for its ProPass 180 topdresser that uses new technology created specifically to expand the versatility of the spinners. A feature of this new spinner is the ability, when topdressing heavy and narrow, to see a clearly defined edge. This allows for easy matching of spread on your next pass. The ProPass 180 tow model also has a new option available — a self-contained hydraulic power pack. This option allows a wide variety of work vehicles to tow the ProPass, since the tow vehicle doesn't need to have auxiliary hydraulics. The power pack is designed to optimize the ProPass' weight distribution.
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