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Verticutting benefits turf by removing thatch and excess turf growth. Thatch causes many problems that range from scalping to poor water penetration to increased pest and disease levels in turf. The following verticutters and verticutting attachments are the newest on the market and promote new, healthy turf growth and prepare seedbeds for overseeding by opening the turf canopy so sunlight and nutrients can settle into the soil. If you need more information about the following verticutters, use the reader service numbers provided at the end of each product description.


The PR Power Rake from Billy Goat Industries offers enough weight to maintain contact with the thatch layer with less surging and stalling. Because the rotation is down sweep, the flails propel the PR forward, negating the additional weight. Because of the additional weight, and a 7-gauge steel engine base, the PR absorbs most of the vibration before it is transferred to the handle. The PR design has fewer parts, making fewer adjustments necessary.
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John Deere introduces a new verticutter attachment for the Aercore 800 Aerator. The verticutter attachment may be fitted to any Aercore 800 machine equipped with the 25-hp Kohler Command Series engine. The verticutter uses carbide-tipped blades and may be operated in any of the Aercore 800's four operating speeds. Featuring a precise, no-tool depth adjustment, the attachment allows easy operation at virtually any depth up to 1.75 inches. Designed to operate in tandem or independently, the verticutter has a 31.5-inch width that matches the Aercore 800's aeration width. Standard blade spacing is 1 inch, but can be increased or decreased using spacers in increments of a quarter inch.
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The Locke Turf TVM-Series verticut mowers remove dead plant material and thatch, allowing more accessibility for nutrients or chemicals and resulting in healthier turf. The verticutters are available in cutting widths of 77 or 130 inches. Tractor requirements are 24-hp to 45-hp to operate the PTO belt drive and transport hydraulics. The verticutters are available for golf course superintendents as well as turf management professionals.
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The Toro Company introduces Verti-Cutting Reels, which are multi-purpose tools that provide benefits to the turf care professional. A primary application of verticutters prevents disease and improves overall turf health by removing excess thatch. In southern states, they are used during the scalping process to prepare the soil for overseeding. They are also used during the growing season to cut rhizomes and stolons to promote regenerative grass growth. Extended wear carbide-tipped blades are standard on the verti-cutting reels. The Verti-Cutting Reels can be attached on the Reelmaster 3100, 4000, 5200, 5400, 5500, 6500 and 6700, as well as the new Reelmaster 5010 Series: 5210, 5410, 5510 and 5610.
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The Thatch-Away Supa-System from Turfline Inc., allows operators to perform many greenskeeping tasks with one tool. Interchangeable cassettes are used to accomplish verticutting, as well as grooming, scarifying, spiking and slicing. This unit is designed to fit to any greensmower. The Supa-System consists of a single set of three chassis units that swing open to fit the various cassettes and brushes. The initial unit comes with the cassette/brush of your choice and will expand to fit your needs.
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Wood Bay Turf Technologies introduces dynaBLADE verticut replacement blades for a wide range of industry mowers. These tungsten carbide tipped-blades last longer, produce a consistent finish, save on labor and reduce cutting time and provide thatch removal. One adjustment for 18-holes of cutting or longer means less adjusting, quicker cutting and less wear on your machines. Wood Bay's design of a fin on the side of the blade creates a vacuum effect that lifts thatch and throws more of it into the catcher.
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