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Grass, just like people, can get overstressed sometimes. While we can take a vacation to unwind, your turf needs to unplug to reverse stress. Manufacturers of walk-behind aerators have just what stressed turf needs, and have made using their equipment easier in an effort to help your stress level too. New designs offer powerful penetration and maneuverability in tight spaces, yet protect turf from damage. If you need more information, use the circle numbers provided at the end of each product description.


Billy Goat's EZair Aerator has a low center of gravity and is easy to control on slopes. It delivers consistent results because all tines penetrate evenly. Rear casters provide maneuverability and, combined with the front differential, allow the aerator to turn on a dime. The EZair features an independent throttle for controlling ground speed and a convenient handlebar-mounted lever for raising and lowering the tines. The aerator also comes with a 5.5-hp Honda or Briggs & Stratton engine.
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The 742 Lawn Aerator from BlueBird International offers a synchronized clutching system that is available with a Honda engine. The engine allows for smooth starts, while the 742's rugged design provides low maintenance and outstanding durability for profitable operation. The patented free-wheeling outer tine system provides unparalleled maneuverability and minimal turf damage around corners and in tight areas. Removable side wheels allow for easy transport and operation through narrow openings.
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The model TA-25D Split-Drive aerator from Classen increases productivity and minimizes operator fatigue. With two user-friendly controls on the main handle, the operator can steer and aerate around corners, trees and shrubs without raising tines. Because all the tines propel the aerator, it offers deeper penetration. The TA-25D comes standard with a 4.0-hp Honda engine, a removable weight bar, a front poly drum and a protective chain guard.
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Husqvarna's AR25 aerator combines power and maneuverability with its free-wheel design, strategically engineered weight distribution and removable weights. The AR25 features an aerating width of 25.5 inches and uses a 4.0-hp Honda engine. Two detachable 36-pound weights allow for stable operation where ground conditions require, such as on slopes. With a patented free-wheel design and a 65-cm, 7-tine-wide cutting deck, the aerator allows users to continue aerating without losing speed on tight corners while minimizing turf damage.
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The John Deere 800 walk-behind Aercore aerator delivers high productivity with a heavy-duty frame, tine rams and adjustable operating speeds. Designed for the golf course market, the Aercore 800 features four aerating speeds, a 4-cycle overhead valve, Kohler Command 18-hp engine with electric solenoid start and a dual element air filter for years of reliable service. The aerator also has a 31.5-inch coring swath, up to 3.5-inch coring depth and fiberglass-reinforced belts for quiet operation and simpler maintenance.
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Rock Solid's Plugr Turf Aerator's hole-punching power is generated by a cam shaft and engine, driving tines deep into the soil with no add-on weights or water drums. Lightweight with a wide, stable wheel base, the Plugr can make 90-degree turns, maneuver along curves and backup under overhanging trees. Tines disengage with a hand lever to skip over sprinkler heads and sidewalks without slowing down. The engine options include a 6.5-hp Briggs & Stratton Intek OHV engine or a 5.5-hp Honda OHV engine.
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The Split-Drum Aerator from Lesco is designed for use around corners and easier turning. The aerator is propelled by the tines for mechanically positive operation and there is no need to raise the tines out of the ground. The heat-treated, close, ¾-inch tines provide optimum core extraction and the unit is powered by a 4-hp overhead valve Honda engine. The water-fillable poly drum offers opportunity for additional weight. The left and right tine assemblies operate independently for easy turning.
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The Ryan Lawnaire V Plus is built for large aeration jobs and added stability on slopes. The 26.5-inch width covers more than 40,400 sq. feet per hour. Features include comfortable rubber grips, handle-mounted throttle and a choice of engines. Dual weights help increase ground pressure by more than 25 percent and are spring-loaded for easy removal. With the added weights and water-filled drum, aeration tines can penetrate soil down to a depth of 2.75 inches.
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Toro introduces the ProCore 648 walking aerator for golf course greens and tees. Rear wheels within the coring path of the machine eliminates running over the freshly aerated turf. The ProCore 648 has a 48-inch-wide aeration swath and aerates to a depth of 4 inches to relieve compaction, improve root growth and enhance overall turf health. The patented three-wheel series/parallel traction drive, combined with the high torque, low-speed wheel motors, prevents slippage for reliable traction, easy transport and even hole spacing.
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Turfco's TurnAer 26 Diff-drive aerator can aerate an entire lawn without stopping for turns. This unit allows operators to aerate like they mow by turning with the tines in the ground. Fingertip brake control allows for aeration around trees or other objects. The TurnAer 26 has a 2.75-inch coring depth and has a 4-hp Honda engine. It also has a folding, multi-height handle and sealed, self-aligning bearings.
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