As a grounds care professional, you are very conscious of how your day on the job is spent. You know what types of jobs your company works on, whether it is mowing, landscape design, turfgrass aeration or tree care. But how aware are you of what the rest of your industry is doing? Grounds Maintenance has recently taken the pulse of the green industry to find out where lawn care professionals are spending the most amounts of time and effort. Where does your organization fit in?

Of the total amount of people who responded, 76.4 percent reported that their organization is responsible for landscape installation as one of the many jobs they perform on a regular basis. In that number, 74.6 percent of institutional facilities, 71.2 percent of golf courses, 89.3 percent of landscape contractors, 47.8 percent of lawn care and 40.8 percent of other allied in the field perform this task.

Those lawn care and turfgrass professionals who perform tree care tasks make up 58.4 percent of the green industry. Out of that number 74.6 percent of institutional facilities, 75 percent of golf courses, 52.1 percent of landscape contractors, 35.2 percent of lawn care and 32.5 percent of other allied to the field all perform this task in their grounds care routine.

Grounds Maintenance 2004 Reader Profile
Task Institutional Facilities Golf Courses Landscape Contractors Lawn Care Other Allied to the Field Weighted Total
Landscape Installation 74.6% 71.2% 89.3% 47.8% 40.8% 76.4%
Landscape Design 50.3% 56.1% 74.4% 28% 45% 59.8%
Fall Clean-up 72.9% 78% 75.2% 69.2% 27.5% 74.1%
Tree Care 74.6% 75% 52.1% 35.2% 32.5% 58.4%
Turfgrass Selections 68.5% 87.9% 57% 59.9% 18.3% 66.2%
Turfgrass Dethatching 54.1% 78.8% 51.2% 40.7% 11.7% 56.6%

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