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Ornamentals may not receive the regular chemical applications that you often provide for turf, but pesticides are a critical tool for managing pests that attack trees, shrubs and herbaceous ornamentals. Using plants that tolerate prevalent pests and maintaining plants in healthy, vigorous condition will reduce or eliminate many pest problems. However, outbreaks do occur, and when they do, you need a way to control them. That's why we bring you this installment of our annually revised Chemical Update series: pest-control options for ornamentals. In the following tables, you'll find listings for:

  • Insecticides

    This table shows you active ingredients that have registration for insects, mites and other categories of ornamental pests. It includes basic product characteristics, such as form of application (spray, granular, trunk injection, etc.) and chemical family. The table also shows the kinds of pests for which various chemicals are labeled.

  • Fungicides

    The fungicide table shows similar information, such as chemical class (to help formulate a chemical rotation program), form of application and systemic properties. Disease types are grouped into broad categories.

  • Herbicides

    This table lists both pre-emergents and post-emergents with registration for use in landscape ornamentals. Due to space limitations, we do not list registration for individual weed species. (See our Turfgrass Update: Herbicides, published annually in January's Grounds Maintenance, for detailed weed registrations for active ingredients.) With post-emergents, we show which weed types — broadleaves, grasses or sedges — the chemicals control selectively, or whether the chemical is non-selective.

Finally, you'll find listings of available brands and suppliers for each active ingredient, in addition to contact information to use to pursue additional product information such as labels, MSDS's and availability.

This Update does not cover registrations for greenhouse, container or field-grown ornamentals, nor does it include products specifically for household, nuisance or structural pests. It is intended to present pesticides you can use in established landscapes.

Pests controlled are grouped in general categories due to space limitations. Thus, for example, when a table shows that a chemical is labeled for “scales,” its label may or may not include the specific scale pest you're dealing with. Some labels use more general language, while others are quite specific about pests controlled. You must identify the specific pest you wish to control and then ensure that the labeling of the product you wish to use allows it.

Even if a label doesn't specifically list a pest, it may still be permissible to use; it just depends on how the label is worded. Which brings us to the most important point. Always read and follow label instructions. These tables are not recommendations or substitutes for label information. They are for preliminary planning only.

Although many of the products listed here possess registration for turf in addition to ornamentals, many do not. Therefore, it is not safe to assume that products you see listed here are suitable for use on turfgrass.

Disease registrations2
Active ingredient Chemical class Form of application Systemic or protectant? Anthracnoses Bacterial diseases Leaf blight Leaf spots Mildews Needle casts/blights Root rots Rusts Twig/shoot blight Wilts/vascular pathogens Brands and suppliers
Ampelomyces quisqualis Biological Sp P X AQ 10 (Ecogen)
Azoxystrobin Strobilurin Sp S/P X X X X X X X Heritage (Syngenta)
Captan Dicarboxamide Sp P X X X X X X X X Captan (Micro Flo)
Chlorothalonil SA Sp P X X X X X X X X X X Bravado (Monterey)
Chlorostar (Regal)
Concorde SST (Griffin LLC)
Daconil WeatherStik (Syngenta)
Echo (Sipcam Agro)
Manicure (LESCO)
Thalonil (ProSource One)
Chlorothalonil + fenarimol SA + pyrimidine Sp S/P X X X X X X TwoSome (LESCO)
Chlorothalonil + thiophanate methyl SA + BI Sp S/P X X X X X X Consyst, Chlorostar (Regal)
Spectro (Cleary)
Copper3 Inorganic Sp P X X X X X X X X Bordeaux Mixture (PBI/Gordon)
Camelot, Kocide 2000 (Griffin LLC)
Liqui-cop, Nordox (Monterey)
Debacarb BI MI S X X X X Fungisol (JJ Mauget)4
Debacarb + abamectin BI + insecticide MI S X X X X Abasol (JJ Mauget)4
Debacarb + imidacloprid BI + insecticide MI S X X X X Imisol (JJ Mauget)4
Fenarimol Pyrimidine Sp S/P X X Rubigan (Dow AgroSciences)
Ferbam DC Sp P X X X X X X Ferbam Granuflo (UCB)
Fosetyl-Al OP Dr, Sp, MI S X X X Aliette (Aventis, Monterey)
Aliette Injectible (Tree Tech)4
Aliette T&O (ProSource One)
Prodigy Signature (LESCO)
Fludioxinil Phenylpyrrole Sp, Dr P X X X X Medallion (Syngenta)
Iprodione Dicarboxamide Dr, Sp S/P X X X X 18 Plus (LESCO)
26019, 26 GT (Aventis)
Kresoxim-methyl Strobilurin Sp S/P X Cygnus (BASF)
Mancozeb DC Sp P X X X X X X X Dithane, FORE (Dow AgroSciences)
Formec 80 (PBI/Gordon)
Mancozeb (LESCO)
Pentathlon DF (Griffin LLC)
Protect T/O (Cleary)
Mancozeb + copper hydroxide DC + inorganic Sp P X X X X X X X Junction (Griffin LLC)
Mancozeb + myclobutanil DC + triazole (SI) Sp P Manhandle (LESCO)
Maneb DC Sp P X X X X X X Pentathlon (Griffin LLC)
Mefenoxam Phenalamide Dr S X Mefenoxam 2 (Sipcam Agro)
Subdue Maxx (Syngenta)
Myclobutanil Triazole (SI) Sp S/P X X X X X Eagle, Systhane (Dow AgroSciences)
Oxytetracycline Tetracycline MI S X X Mycoject (JJ Mauget)4
Tree Tech OTC (Tree Tech)4
PCNB SA Dr P X X X Defend (Cleary)
Engage (UHS)
PCNB (Amvac)
Revere (LESCO)
Terraclor, Turfcide (Uniroyal)
Phosphites Inorganic Sp S X X X Magellan (Riverdale)
Potassium bicarbonate Inorganic Sp P X X X X X X Firststop (Cleary)
Kaligreen (Monterey)
Propamocarb Carbamate Dr, Sp P X Banol (Aventis)
Propamocarb + chlorothalonil Carbamate + SA Dr S/P X Banol C (UHS)
LescoPar (LESCO)
Propiconazole Triazole (SI) Sp, MI S X X X X X X X X Alamo (Syngenta, Tree Tech)4
Banner Maxx (Syngenta)
Shepherd (Arbor Systems)4
Tebuconazole Triazole (SI) MI S X X Tebuject (JJ Mauget)4
Thiophanate-methyl BI Dr, Sp, Dip S X X X X X X X X 3336 (Cleary)
T-Storm (LESCO)
Fungo (Andersons)
Systec 1998 (Regal)
Thiophanate methyl + etradiazole BI + thiadiazole Dr, Sp S/P X X X X X X Banrot (Andersons)
Thiophanate methyl + mancozeb BI + DC Sp S/P X X X X X X Duosan (Andersons)
Triadimefon Triazole (SI) Sp, MI S X X X X X X Bayleton (Bayer, LESCO)
Fungo Fighter (Monterey)
Fungisol (Opti-Gro)
Systrex + Nutrient (Tree Tech)4
Trichoderma harzianum Biological Dr, G NA X X RootShield (BioWorks)
Trifloxystrobin Strobilurin Sp S/P X X X X X X X Compass (Bayer)
Vinclozolin Dicarboxamide Sp P X X Curalan (TopPro)
Touche (LESCO)
Ziram DC Sp P X X X X Ziram Granuflo (UCB)
1 Consult labels for specific tolerances, restrictions and recommendations.
2 These are general groupings only. Consult product labels for specific pathogen registrations.
3 Various forms of copper are available but are grouped together here.
4 Trunk-injected product.
SA-Substituted aromatic
SI-Sterol inhibitor

Abamectin Abacide (JJ Mauget)*
Avid, Varsity (Syngenta)
Greyhound (Arbor Systems)*
Vivid II (Tree Tech)*
Abamectin + debacarb Abasol (JJ Mauget)*
Acephate AceCap 97 (Creative Sales)*
Acephate (Top Pro)
Bracket TT&O (ProSource One)
Dendrex (Tree Tech)*
Lesco-Fate (LESCO)
Orthene TT&O (Valent)
Azadirachtin Ornazin (Amvac)
Beauveria bassiana Naturalis T&O (Troy BioSciences)
Bacillus thuringiensis Caterpillar Clobber (Monterey)
DiPel DF, XenTari (Valent Biosciences)
Ketch (Dow AgroSciences)
Crymax, Lepinox, Mattch, MVP II, Raven (Ecogen)
Bifenthrin Talstar (FMC)
Bifenzate Floramite (Uniroyal)
Carbaryl Sevin (LESCO)
Chlorpyrifos Chlorpyrifos (Agrisel, Andersons, Top Pro)
Dursban (Prentiss)
Dursban Spray (PBI/Gordon)
Dursban Pro (Dow AgroSciences)
Dursban TNP (UHS)
T&O Insecticide 4E (LESCO)
Cyfluthrin Tempo (Bayer)
Cyromazine Citation (Syngenta)
Deltamethrin DeltaGard (Aventis)
Diazinon Diazinon (Andersons, ProSource One)
Evict, Diazinon (Prentiss)
Knox Out NL (Cleary)
Dicofol Kelthane (Dow AgroSciences)
Dicrotophos Inject-A-Cide B (JJ Mauget)*
Dimate Dimate 4E (ProSource One)
Dimethoate Dimethoate (Micro Flo)
Disulfoton Di-Syston (Bayer)
Fenbutatin oxide Vendex TNO (Griffin LLC)
Fenoxycarb Award (Syngenta)
Fenpropathrin Tame (Valent)
Fipronil FireStar, TopChoice (Aventis)
Hexa-Hydroxyl Eco Exempt (Prentiss/EcoSmart)
Hexythiazox Hexagon (Helena)
Hydramethylnon Amdro Pro (Top Pro)
Imidacloprid Imidacloprid (Andersons)
Imicide (JJ Mauget)*
Merit (Bayer)
Pointer (Arbor Systems)*
Systemic Insect Control (LESCO)
Imidacloprid + debacarb Imisol (JJ Mauget)*
Iron phosphate Sluggo (Monterey)
Lambda-cyhalothrin Battle GC (LESCO)Scimitar (Syngenta)
Malathion Malathion (Micro Flo, Prentiss)
Metaldehyde Deadline (Pace, Valent)
Durham, Trail's End (Amvac)
Snail Slug Slayer (Monterey)
Methoprene Extinguish (Wellmark)
Myrothecium verrucaria DiTera (Valent Biosciences)
Oil Horticultural Oil (LESCO)
Saf-T-Side (Monterey)
Oxydemeton methyl Harpoon (Tree Tech)*
Inject-A-Cide (JJ Mauget)*
Permethrin Astro (FMC)
Multipurpose Insect Killer, Fireant Killer (Agrisel)
Perm-X (Prentiss)
Permethrin Pro (Top Pro)
Plant extract Nemastop (Soil Technologies)
Pymetrozine Endeavor (Syngenta)
Pyrethrin Exciter (Prentiss)
Pysanic (Monterey)
Pyrethrin + canola oil Py-Oil, Takedown (Monterey)
Pyrethrin + rotenone Pyrellin (Monterey)
Pyriproxyfen Distance (Valent)
Spinosad Conserve (Dow AgroSciences)
Trichlorfon Dylox (Bayer)
Stop Grub (Howard Johnsons)
Trichlorfon (Andersons)
1Endorsement is not implied by this listing, nor is criticism implied by omission.*
Trunk-injected product.

Active ingredient Liquid or granular? Brands and suppliers
Benefin + oryzalin G XL 2G (Helena)
Bensulide L, G Bensumec, Pre-San (PBI/Gordon)
Squelch (Opti-Gro)
Corn gluten G Dynaweed (Soil Technologies)
Dichlobenil G Barrier (PBI/Gordon)
Casoron (Uniroyal)
Dithiopyr L, G Dimension (Andersons, Best/Simplot, Dow AgroSciences, Howard Johnsons)
Isoxaben L, G Gallery (Dow AgroSciences, Lebanon)
Isoxaben + trifluralin* G Professional Preen (Lebanon)
Snapshot (Dow AgroSciences)
Oryzalin L, G Surflan (Dow AgroSciences)
Weed Stopper (Monterey)
Oxadiazon* L, G Oxadiazon (Andersons)
Ronstar (Aventis, Regal)
Oxadiazon + napropamide G PrePair (UHS)
Oxadiazon + prodiamine* G RegalStar G (Regal)
Oxyfluorfen + oryzalin* G Rout (Andersons)
Oxyfluorfen + oxadiazon* G LaSar (UHS)
Regal O-O (Regal)
Pendimethalin L, G Pendimethalin (Andersons)
Pendulum (BASF)
Prodiamine L, G Barricade (Andersons, Howard Johnsons, Syngenta)
RegalKade (Regal)
S-Metolachlor L Pennant Magnum (Syngenta)
Trifluralin L Preen, Treflan (Lebanon)
Treflan, Vegetable & Ornamental Weeder (Monterey)
Treflan (Andersons, Lebanon, LESCO)
* These products' primary use is for woody ornamentals. Check product labels for specific sites and species.

Selective for…1
Active ingredient Non-selective2 Broadleaves Grasses Sedges Liquid or granular? Brands and suppliers
Ammoniated soaps of fatty acids X L Quick Fire (Monterey)
Bentazon X X X L Basagran T/O (Top Pro)
Nutgrass 'Nihilator (Monterey)
Cacodylic acid X L Montar, Weed Ender (Monterey)
CAMA X L Selectrol (Opti-Gro)
Clethodim X L Envoy (Valent)
Clopyralid2 X L Lontrel T&O (Dow AgroSciences)
Dicamba4 X L Dicamba (Tree Tech)
Dichlobenil3 X G Barrier (PBI/Gordon)
Casoron (Uniroyal)
Diquat2 X L Aqua-Trim II (Opti-Gro)
Reward (Syngenta)
Fenoxaprop X L Acclaim EC (Aventis)
Fluazifop-P-butyl X L Fusilade II (Syngenta)
Ornamec (PBI/Gordon)
Glufosinate-ammonium2 X L Finale (Aventis)
Glyphosate2 X L Gly-Flo (Micro Flo, Top Pro)
Kleenup Pro (UHS)
Prosecutor Prosecutor + Tracker (LESCO)
Roundup Pro/Pro Dry (Monsanto)
Touchdown Pro (Syngenta)
Trail Blazer (Opti-Gro)
Imazaquin X X X L Image 70 DF (BASF)
Mecoprop X L Chem-Weed (Opti-Gro)
MSMA X X L Multipurpose MSMA (Agrisel)
Weed Hoe (Monterey)
Pelargonic acid2 X L Quik (Monterey)
Sethoxydim X L Grass Getter (Monterey)
Vantage (Top Pro)
1 Indicates general group for which herbicide is selective. Product may not be effective against all members of that group. Always check labels for listed species.
2 Registered in ornamentals for spot or directed spray only, unless otherwise directed.
3 Granular product for use in woody ornamentals.
4 Trunk injection.

Pests controlled1
Active ingredient Chemical class Form of application Ants Aphids Borers (coleopterous) Borers (lepidopterous) Fireants Grasshoppers Leaf beetles (larvae) Leaf-eating caterpillars Mites Nematodes Sawflies Scales/mealybugs Snails/slugs Wasps Whiteflies
Abamectin Glycoside MI, Sp X X X X X X X X
Abamectin + debacarb Biological + fungicide MI X X X
Acephate OP Sp, MI X X X X X X X X X X X
Azadirachtin Biological Sp X X X X X X
Beauveria bassiana Biological Sp X X X X X X X
Bacillus thuringiensis2 Biological Sp X X X
Bifenthrin Pyrethroid Sp X X X X X X X X X X
Bifenzate Carbazate Sp X
Carbaryl Carbamate Sp, Gr X X X X X
Chlorpyrifos OP Sp, Gr X X X X X X X X X X X X X
Cyfluthrin Pyrethroid Sp X X X X X X X X
Cyromazine IGR Sp X3
Deltamethrin Pyrethroid Sp X X X X X X4
Diazinon OP Sp, Dr, Gr X X X X X X X X X X X X X
Dicofol Organochlorine Sp X
Dicrotophos OP MI X X X X X X X X
Dimate OP Sp X X X X X X X X X X X
Dimethoate OP Sp X X X X X X X X X X X
Disulfoton OP Gr X X X X X
Fenbutatin oxide Organotin Sp X
Fenoxycarb IGR Sp X X X
Fenpropathrin Pyrethroid Sp X X X X
Fipronil Phenylpyrazole Bait, Gr X X
Hexa-Hydroxyl7 Biological Gr, Sp X X Hexythiazox Carboxamide
Sp X
Hydramethylnon Imidohydrazene Bait X
Imidacloprid Chloronicotinyl Sp, Gr, MI X X X X X X X
Imidacloprid + debacarb Chloronicotinyl MI X X X X X X
Iron phosphate Inorganic Gr X
Lambda-cyhalothrin Pyrethroid Sp X X X X X X X X X X X
Malathion OP Sp X X X X X X X X X X
Metaldehyde Aldehyde Bait X X
Methoprene IGR Gr X
Myrothecium verrucaria Biological Gr X
Oil Petroleum Sp X X X X X X
Oxydemeton methyl OP MI X X X X X
Permethrin Pyrethroid Sp X X X X X X X X X X
Plant extract5 Biological Sp X
Pymetrozine Pyridine azomethene Sp X X
Pyrethrin Biological Sp X X X X X
Pyrethrin + rotenone Biological Sp X X X X X X X X X X X X X
Pyriproxyfen IGR Sp X X X X X
Spinosad Spinosyn Sp X X X X
Trichlorfon OP Sp X
1 General groupings. Consult labels for specific pests controlled.
2 Various strains are available, but are grouped together here.
3 Dipterous leafminers only.
4 Suppression only.
5 This product only lists “plant extract” as the active ingredient.
6 Trunk-injected product.
7 “Hexa-Hydroxyl” is a blend of clove and thyme oils. This product is not EPA-registered.
IGR-insect growth regulator
MI-trunk injection or implant

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