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Skid steer plow

The BOSS Snowplow has expanded its Trip-Edge Snowplow lineup and now offers skid-steer owners three new Trip-Edge Plow options including a 7.5-foot, 8-foot and 9-foot model. The adjustable mounting height on each of the plows has been engineered to accommodate both track and wheel skid-steer loaders. The plow features a trip-edge or base angle that is hinged on heavy-duty 1-inch diameter steel pivot pins with adjustable extension-style trip springs. The trip-spring mechanism can be adjusted to accommodate the job and allows for a smooth, even trip when striking an obstacle.
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Plow mounting system

The new Minute Mount 2 from Fisher Engineering is a snow attaching/removal system designed to eliminate hassle and save time. It features a built-in handle to disengage both connecting pins simultaneously for removing the plow; a lower gear that is flared twice as wide for easier drive-in alignment; a spring-loaded lift chain to automatically retract the life arm; and a stylish new look to complement today's new trucks.
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Snow sweeper

Heavy-duty sweeping is now available for ATVs and utility vehicles. Sweepster's new Li'l Dawg Series brings 4-season versatility to vehicles that cannot life and carry a conventional sweeper and where hydraulic or mechanical PTOs are not readily available. This tool is designed for cleaning dirt, sand, gravel or debris from hard surfaces, dethatching lawns, to windrow fall leaves and for snow removal. The broom is available in 4- or 5-foot widths and features an 8-hp electric-start engine, 24-inch diameter polypropylene brush and powder-coated metal finish.
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Hiniker Company's expanded snow- and ice-control product line now includes two stainless-steel salt and sand spreaders. The 6.5-foot Model 620 is powered by an 8-hp engine and is designed to fit full-size, short-box pickups. The 8-foot Model 820 uses a 10.5-hp industrial/commercial engine and fits standard box trucks. Corrosion-resistant stainless steel is used to form the hopper, the hood, the engine plate and the spinner chute, disc and deflectors. Standard hopper capacities are 1.45 cu. yd. For the 6.5-foot unit and 1.78 cu. yd. For the 8-foot unit.
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SnowEx, a division of TrynEx International, has introduced the new Vee Pro 6000 salt and sand spreader. Designed primarily for bulk material spreading, the unit's hopper is constructed entirely of heavy-duty polyethylene, which eliminates corrosion. The lightweight Vee Pro, which is 60-percent less weight than steel units, can be installed or removed by two people, freeing the vehicle to perform multiple applications. The Vee Pro features very few moving parts and a low-maintenance, direct-drive system. A patented multi-angle hopper with inverted-“V” assembly facilitates efficient material movement.
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Snow Wolf's Ultra Series is a snowplow specifically designed for the skid steer, with blade features and frame construction built to match the skid steer's ability to move a heavy snow load. It's available in seven widths from 6 to 9 feet. The blade is angled to scoop snow rather than push it, then send the snow rolling, moving it off the blade quickly to keep the skid steer in control of the heavy snow load. A dual pivot, A-frame construction allows the blade to oscillate, following the contours of uneven ground without scraping. For sensitive areas, such as paving stones, a soft-touch cutting edge can be used to no steel contacts the surface.
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Acetate-based deicer

Cryotech's acetate-based deicers are low-corrosion, environmentally friendly alternatives to salt, other chloride-based deicers and urea. Cryotech NAAC solid runway deicer is a sodium acetate mix containing less than 1 percent of corrosion inhibitors. It meets Federal Aviation Administration specifications and biodegrades at low temperatures. It can be applied with the same equipment you use to apply urea. Manufactured from pure materials, it does not track like common deicers. It is available in 55-pound paper bags or 2,205-pound Super Sacks.
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Snowplow attaching and removal system

In order to design a better attaching system, Western Products surveyed plowers to find out what was most important to them. The overwhelming response was to make the on/off procedure simpler. Western engineers responded by developing the UltraMount System. Key features include a drive-in attachment; a pivot bar that rotates, allowing the drive-in points to remain level — even when the blade is not; and two receiver brackets on the vehicle that are easily removable for better off-season ground clearance — no tools required.
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