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Hitching System

The BOSS Snowplow adds versatility to the speed of hookup with the SmartHitch 2 Attachment System. The universal wiring harness and undercarriage offered on all BOSS Snowplows, the SmartHitch 2 System is the first snowplow hitch system that can easily interchange between multiposition and straight-blade plows by simply switching the control inside the cab of the truck. This allows you to use one truck with a variety of plows. This system also provides a safety net if a truck within the fleet is inoperable. If this were to occur, the job can still be finished using another truck from the fleet because all BOSS SmartHitch 2 Plows are interchangeable.
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Powder Coating

Fisher Engineering's new Storm Guard powder coating process, now applied to all FISHER snowplows, provides optimal protection against wear and rust — a 140-percent improvement against these harmful elements. Key features include an either-wheel shot blaster to remove mill scale and profile steel surfaces for best adhesion; and a multi-stage wash that is entirely automated for consistency and that provides a superior surface preparation. Automated, climate controlled powder booths provide uniform coverage.
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Snow Pushers

RCS Mfg. and Development offers snow pushers in four models. The RCS Loader Series ranges in size from 10 to 30 feet with a 48-inch moldboard height. The Back-Hoe Series ranges from 10 to 16 feet and includes a folding model for easy street transport. The moldboard is 36 inches on this and the skid-steer model. The Skid-Steer Series range from 6 to 12 feet and come standard with universal attachment. The Compact Model ranges in size from 5 to 10 feet and, like its larger counterparts, comes standard with a post mount hook up. All the RCS Snow Pushers are made from structual steel and are fully seam welded.
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Hydraulic Spreader

Sno-Way's skid steer hydraulic spreader is constructed of rugged polyethylene and steel. Construction includes stainless steel in corrosive areas and a powder-painted framing. This unit will spread from 4 to 30 feet through the use of adjustable flow deflectors for an even spread pattern. A material flow shut-off gate is standard. The side-wall geometry of this unit ensures salt is pulled down and into the spinner for free flow dispersal. The unit features a universal mounting plate and is self standing for easy off-season storage. The spreader holds 10.25 cubic feet of free-flowing material.
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SnowEx, a division of TrynEx International, introduces the new Vee Pro 6000 salt and sand spreader. Designed primarily for bulk material spreading, the unit's hopper is constructed entirely of heavy-duty polyethylene. Polyethylene eliminates the corrosion and constant maintenance commonly associated with steel alternatives. The Vee Pro features few moving parts and a low-maintenance, direct-drive system, making the unit virtually maintenance free. Powered by twin 12-volt DC direct-drive motors, the spreader features a unique auger feed system that provides continuous flow of ice-control products.
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Pull Plow

Snowman has added the 70 CashSaver to its line of pull plows. The 70 CashSaver is 7 feet in length with a 23-inch-high rolled moldboard. The steel moldboard is available in red or yellow. It is equipped with patented spring trip to protect the plow and vehicle, exclusive high lift to reach over drifts and carries a one-year limited warranty on parts and labor. The plow is operated with hydraulic down pressure and includes box wings, jack stand and cab controller.
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Mounting System

The WESTERN MVP multi-position v-plow is now available with the UltraMount System that incorporates a unique rotating Pivot Bar for accurate drive-in alignment and a cleaner scrape. Key features include a new, stronger T-Frame design that includes bolts to adjust blade pitch to improve edge wear. Each wing incorporates a trip-edge to protect the plow and truck. Double acting cylinders for efficient back dragging and snow deflector are standard.
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