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The BOSS Snowplow is the first snowplow manufacturer to offer a custom-designed composite light optimized for snowplow use. The BOSS light package is unique in that it can easily be upgraded to an “HID” or High-Intensity Discharge Light Package. The HID option provides up to four times the light output of the typical snowplow light for unmatched nighttime visibility. Similar to daylight, HID lamps provide a light source that is whiter in color and projects a beam wider and farther out in front of the vehicle than typical halogen bulbs. Therefore, objects come into view sooner and are more noticeable.
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The new Model 500 Tailgate Spreader from Fisher Engineering fits compact pickups or SUVs with a Class III trailer hitch and spreads dry rock salt, calcium chloride and other materials. It is low profile, and key features include a 5-cubic-foot capacity (up to 225 pounds) poly hopper; built-in 2-inch hitch mount; and choice of an “on-off” switch or variable speed control. The poly spinner is standard and the adjustable deflector (shown) is optional.
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Hiniker Co. introduces a new line of extreme-duty snowplows for 4wd pickup trucks. The HDX line of plows incorporates a number of design features to effectively handle the demands of wet, heavy snowfall. This product uses a split trip edge with a 9-inch high pivot point to provide protection from higher obstacles such as curbs and parking barriers. A high-density polyethylene moldboard is used to reduce friction and provide a corrosion-free plowing surface. A plow-mounted electric/hydraulic system provides power and a compact handheld joystick controller provides convenient control of all plow functions.
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Meyer Products Inc. offers both polyethylene and steel snowplows; however, they recommend the Meyer Max polyethylene snowplow for those serious about plowing because it's more slippery, it's stronger and it won't rust. The slippery surface allows snow to roll off the plow instead of being pushed or caked on the front of the blade, saving wear and tear on your truck and money on gas. Polyethylene also resists punctures and dents.
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Snow Wolf

The Ultra Series is Snow Wolf's snow plow specifically designed for the skid steer. It is available in seven widths from 6 to 9 feet. Features include a dual pivot, A-frame construction that allows the blade to oscillate, following the contours of uneven ground without scraping. It also has the ability to apply full down pressure allowing clean clearing of ice and packed snow. This plow also has a spring-loaded trip edge to reduce false tripping of the blade.
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The Sno-Way Predator 29 Series of snow plows has blades measuring 29 inches high and in widths of 7 feet 6 inches and 8 feet. Sno-Way recommends that the Predator 29 be put on trucks that are HD Ω-ton to 1-ton trucks. Sno-Way also offers interchangeable moldboards; you can choose from steel, stainless steel or polycarbonate. This Sno-Way plow series has a reworked drive in mount, making it quick and easy to mount the plow and ensures a solid connection between the plow and truck.
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The new UltraFinish powder coating process, now applied to all WESTERN snowplows, provides optimum protection against wear and rust. Key features include pre-treatment, 8-wheel shot blaster to remove mill scale and abrade surfaces for optimum adhesion; multi-stage pre-wash is entirely automated for consistency and provides superior surface preparation; and automated, climate controlled powder booths provide uniform coverage to all surfaces.
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