PBI/Gordon Corp. announced the addition of Blade Selective Herbicide to their Gordon's Professional Turf and Ornamental product line. The active ingredient in Blade, metsulfuron, is used primarily in the South to control bahiagrass, ryegrass, foxtail and many other grass and broadleaf weeds in warm-season turf. Blade is effective at low rates, ranging from 0.125 to 1.0 dry ounce of product per acre, yet has an extremely low toxicity to animals. Warm-season turfgrasses and Kentucky bluegrass have a high degree of tolerance to metsulfuron at labeled use rates. Metsulfuron is a sulfonylurea herbicide. Golf superintendents in the South rely on it for the removal of bahiagrass from bermudagrass and the removal of winter-overseeded ryegrass to hasten spring release of bermudagrass. Metsulfuron does not delay the transition to bermudagrass in the spring. The product is also used in the lawn-care market for broadleaf weed control in St. Augustinegrass, which has a high degree of tolerance to metsulfuron. PBI/Gordon Corp.
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Kaput Mole Gel Bait is a unique and effective mole control method that is gel-based, easy to apply and requires no mole disposal. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has approved the use of this new gel bait, which is a thick water-based gel that contains flavors that moles like. The gel simulates an earthworm, making it attractive to the feeding mole. Scimetrics, Ltd. Corp.
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Precision Laboratories introduces Cascade Plus Fertilizer, a wetting agent and fertilizer combination product specifically designed for the golf course, landscape and specialty turf market. In university and on-site golf course testing, Cascade Plus Fertilizer was found to be a unique water-management tool, controlling localized dry spot, increasing water infiltration and more efficiently managing water usage. Cascade Plus Fertilizer will be available in 50-pound bags and in 1-ton bulk sacks beginning this spring. Precision Laboratories.
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Uniroyal Chemical announces Floramite miticide liquid formulation. Floramite SC offers control of a variety of mite pests on greenhouse, shadehouse, nursery, landscape and interiorscape-grown ornamentals. Floramite SC is a selective, long-lasting miticide with novel chemistry and a unique mode of action. It provides knockdown of targeted mites in three days. The product gives residual control up to 28 days on a number of destructive mite species, in all life stages, including tough two-spotted spider mites. Because of its unique mode of action and highly selective activity, Floramite does not harm predacious mites and beneficial insects. It is labeled for use on virtually all types of ornamental plants, including bedding plants, flowering plants, bulb crops, perennial plants, Christmas trees/conifers and woody plants. Uniroyal Chemical
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RedMax's new EBZ4800 backpack blower allows green industry professionals to clean the air while they clean their job sites. The EBZ4800 is powered by Komatsu Zenoah's Strato-Charged engine. This 47.9-cc 2-cycle power plant is the only engine of its size that meets CARB II and EPA Phase 2 clean air standards by introducing fresh air into the engine between the exhaust gases and the fresh charge of air/fuel mix. The 19.6-pound EBZ4800 backpack blower is ergonomically designed for operator comfort and maximum productivity. It moves up to 458 CFM of air at a speed of up to 161 mph. Yet, the noise level is just 65 dB (A). RedMax
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Morbark introduces Model 20/36 Track Chipper, which is designed to process up to 18-inch material in a variety of locations. Ideal for general land clearing, right-of-ways, pipeline clearing, utility clearing and golf course development, the Model 20/36 Track Chipper is versatile and mobile. It is equipped with a hydraulic discharge spout so chips can be conveniently directed in a 180-degree arc. Not only is it light and compact enough to maneuver and easy to transport, but it is also built with rugged steel. Equipped with a 36-inch diameter drum and a drum speed of 1,150 rpm, the 20/36 makes quick work of brush and trees. The 20/36 is also built with an enclosed weatherized operator's cab with joystick controls and 4-way adjustable seat, providing a comfortable work area for the operator. Morbark
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The new Allmand TLB-325 heavy-duty compact tractor loader backhoe features an exclusive ESL backhoe design and offers service features necessary to tackle a variety of applications in a compact, easy-to-use machine. Powered by either a Kohler CH25S or Robin EH72 25-hp gasoline engine, the 3,950-pound TLB-325 features an industrial-class backhoe. The backhoe offers a 4,611-pound digging force as well as a 9-foot 8-inch digging depth. Dual-cylinder, 180-degree hydraulic cushioned swing allows precise work in tight areas, while joystick control and an elevated seating position provide a large backhoe feel. Allmand
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The Polaris Professional Series ASL 300 All-Surface Loader can maneuver into the tightest of spots to help get the job done with minimal surface impact. The ASL is designed with an R-series traction and support system (RTSS) that provides optimal traction by evenly distributing its weight over a larger area. The ASL produces 2.5 psi — less than that of an average human — making it able to work on delicate turf or around sprinkler systems. The ASL's unique undercarriage platform features 24 rubber-on-rubber track inserts and wheels that reduce wear and extend the track's life. The ASL is powered by a 1.5-liter Caterpillar 3-cylinder diesel engine and its easy-to-operate and responsive hydrostatic drive achieves a top speed of 6 mph. A variety of accessories can be quickly attached to the ASL's hydraulic platform allowing it to tackle virtually any task. Among the available attachments are a general-purpose bucket, adjustable pallet forks, a power rake, trencher, flail mower, multi-purpose bucket, power auger, power sod roller, snow blower, land leveler and cable plow. Polaris
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Kawasaki expands its line of air-cooled, V-twin engines with the FH381V model. The 13-hp engine features a vertical-shaft design, bringing V-twin power and smooth operation to small to mid-size lawn and garden equipment. Key to the FH381V V-twin engine is the unique V-valve technology, featuring a spherical combustion chamber for ignition and greater overall power. The engine also includes cast-iron cylinders for extra durability, a full-pressurized lubrication system for less internal heat buildup, top-access oil fill and dipstick, and spin-on type oil filter for easy maintenance. Kawasaki
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Heftee introduces the Rota Master 3000, designed to sharpen blades with precision, speed and safety. Blades are locked into an accurate position on a sliding carriage and both ends are ground smoothly and equally. Exact angles are achieved by easy adjustments of the grinding head. There is less need for balancing as both ends are restored to original specs and equal amounts of metal are removed. Sparks and dust are vacuumed away at the source by a powerful onboard system in the cabinet/stand. A balancing tool and task light are also included. Heftee
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STIHL introduces the FS 250R, which is designed to cut through heavy brush and thick grass. The FS 250R is powered by a 40.2 cc Quad Power engine, constructed with four transfer ports for extreme power and fuel efficiency. This high-torque machine is made to cut through sawgrass, Bahiagrass or whatever gets in its way without slowing down. The FS 250R is fitted with new heavy-duty filter systems that include vertical, pleated paper main filters, in addition to felt pre-filters, designed as a first line of defense. The FS 250R is also equipped with the Easystart system with an ElastoStart shock-absorbing starter handle, which reduces the effort necessary to start the engine and a fuel primer bulb that quickly pumps fuel to the carburetor for easy starting. STIHL
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Gandy Co. offers a new 20-inch self-propelled Slice n' Seed walk-behind overseeder for repairing or re-establishing grass in worn areas or establishing new grass varieties. The Slice n' Seed features an 8 hp Honda engine with centrifugal clutch, capable of covering 22,000 square feet per hour. Seeding width is 20 inches, with 9-inch heat-treated slicing blades on 2-inch centers. The seed box features Gandy's precision-mated stainless-steel bottom and slide with internal rotor driven by front wheel drive. A cam gauge sets opening size to meter all types of grass seed while a hand lever is used to shut off flow. The unit weighs approximately 400 pounds, measuring 36 inches wide, 35 inches long and 43 inches in height. Gandy Co.
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The Toro Co. announces the Debris Blower 600 to the Toro product line. The Debris Blower 600 quickly cleans areas of leaves, twigs, pine needles, clippings and other debris. A rugged construction, including ¼-inch steel frame, provides years of trouble-free service, increased efficiency and versatility with standard 180-degree directional blower spout. The Debris Blower 600 has a powerful 36-inch fan diameter that produces 9,324 cubic feet per minute of airflow and an air velocity of 153 mph. A bi-directional discharge allows the user to change the direction of the airflow instantly. The Toro Co.
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The John Deere 757 Mid-Frame Z-Trak Mower is designed to handle small, tight spaces as well as open fields and is ideal for business and industrial complexes, highly landscaped lots, cemeteries and a host of other applications. The 25-hp 757 features an overhead valve, air-cooled Kawasaki engine. Full-pressure lubrication and a full-flow filter reduce engine wear and ensure proper lubrication even when operating on hillsides or uneven terrain. With the two-lever hydrostatic drive control, cutters can select ground speed of up to 10 mph and direction control simply by moving levers forward or reverse. Positive neutral lock position for levers provides added safety and wide-bend steering levers swing out easily for entry and exit from the operator platform. A large, 9-gallon fuel tank allows the operator to mow for a full day without refueling. John Deere
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