Cleary Chemical offers Endorse, the first translaminar antibiotic fungicide available for turf. Endorse attacks turf diseases in warm- and cool-season grasses through both foliar and translaminar systemic activity. Endorse is recommended for major diseases such as brown patch, gray leaf spot, gray snow mold, Rhizoctonia damping off, Rhizoctonia large patch, leaf spot/melting out, pink snow mold, red thread, yellow patch and zoysia patch. Endorse can be tank-mixed with a variety of labeled fungicides and, for the control of dollar spot, Endorse should be used in a tank mix or in rotation with fungicides labeled for this disease. Endorse is packaged in pre-measured water-soluble packs, 10 packs per case treats 1 acre. Cleary Chemical
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The Chipco Professional Products group of Aventis E.S. introduces a new ½-gallon packaging size for 26GT fungicide, an ornamental disease control. The new ½-gallon packaging of 26GT provides the same disease control and same amount of active ingredient found in 2 pounds of Chipco 26019 wettable powder, but in a flowable formulation that leaves little to no residue. Chipco Professional Products
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Bio-Plex Organics introduces its new 4-IN-1 planting granules, which have four main components that play an important role in transplant survival. Component one is a powerful bio stimulant that promotes improved moisture retention in plant tissues, reducing plant stress symptoms as well as stimulating more fibrous roots. Two, Bio-Plex Endo-EctoMycorrhizal soil and root inoculants aid in OElong-term stress and moisture management by producing dense OEroot-like structures that supplement natural root mass functional capacities. Three, Bio-Plex Cross-linked Polymer gel enhances the plant root system's hydration capacity for up to three years, reducing dehydration symptoms. Four, natural organic fertilizer component provide safe and effective nutrient sources that are void of harmful salt and chloride components. The 4-IN-1 planting granules are conveniently packaged in four 7-pound plastic canisters per case. Bio-Plex Organics
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Kenwood Communications has introduced a compact, rugged 2-way radio designed for the job-site communication needs of grounds and landscaping crews. The ProTalk XLS is a palm-sized radio with a four-mile range. It transmits ultra high frequency (UHF) radio signals and is user-programmable to provide two channels of voice communication from a choice of 242 channel combinations. The ProTalk XLS is equipped with rechargeable batteries that provide 10-hour duty cycle and weighs 7 ounces. A desktop charger is included, but when recharging isn't possible, the radio may be used with store-bought AA batteries. Kenwood Communications
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Motorola offers advanced fleet management solutions for owners of Motorola CDM Series Professional Radios. Motorola has certified CES Wireless mobile and base-station equipment and software as compatible with Motorola's mobile 2-way radios, which operate on any UHF conventional or LTR trucking system. CES Wireless products are available for fleet management and AVL (Automatic Vehicle Location) and GPS (Global Positioning System) applications. CES Wireless is a vertically integrated, mobile, data and information-systems provider that delivers advanced systems to fleet managers, enabling them to have cost-effective contact and tracking of their fleet assets. Motorola
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Hunter Industries has released the ICR (Institutional Commercial Remote), a new long-range remote control unit that allows operational access to irrigation systems within a 2-mile radius. The ICR is designed to interface with all Hunter controllers with a SmartPort connection, including the Hunter ICC, Pro-C and SRC. The new Hunter remote is useful for landscape maintenance and installation personnel who need to monitor the irrigation operations of large commercial and residential sites. In areas obstructed by large buildings, walls or trees, the a large LCD display and easy-to-push button operation. The unit also offers variable remote activated station run time, which allows a one-time change in the watering schedule without affecting the regular program. The product has a five-year warranty. Hunter Industries
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Equipment Accessories


Tongue Twister's new swivel trailers for landscaping equipment allow trailers to pivot so that landscape equipment can be driven forward directly off the trailer without having to back it up. These pivoted trailers have both front and rear ramps, making it easier to load or unload in less than a minute. Available in a variety of trailer styles including flat or cargo, bumper pull or gooseneck, Tongue Twister offers the first technology to eliminate vehicle damage and personal injuries caused when backing equipment onto or off the trailer platform. Tongue Twister is available in three styles of rotation actuation: electric, hydraulic and manual. A front stabilizing jack, or “landing gear,” is offered in electric or hydraulic models. Front and rear ramps are spring assisted. All controls are simple and easy to operate, activating in no more than three moving parts. Tongue Twister
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Town & Country, Ltd. announces the Freedom Seedbed Finisher, the heavy-duty, four-bar, rigid frame that requires only one pass to turn rough grade into a finished seed or sod bed. The Freedom Seedbed Finisher's three rows of staggered edge-bent S-tines with 7-inch sweeps till and penetrate the soil to create a plant-friendly seedbed. Its working depth is adjustable to 6 inches to achieve the desired level of finish. For lighter soils, the Seedbed Finisher can be equipped with S-tines with 2 ¾-inch shovels. Available in 4-, 5-, 6-, 7- and 8-foot models, tractor pulling power requirements are 3 to 6 hp per foot of working width. The category-1 hitch makes hitching and unhitching a simple, one-person task. Town & Country, Ltd.
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The Toro Workman 2110 utility vehicle features hydraulic self-cleaning front disc and rear drum brakes. The enhanced braking system allows for increased braking ability and a towing capacity of 1,200 pounds when using a heavy-duty tow hitch. In addition, the Workman 2110 has a powerful 16-hp Briggs & Stratton Vanguard air-cooled gas engine. The mid-duty Workman 2110 offers a wide range of attachments, such as a canopy, solid and folding windshield, portable refreshment center, hard cab, sports field groomer, brush guard and bumper and many more attachments to customize your Workman for your specific needs. The Toro Co.
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The Caterpillar 252 vertical lift skid steer loader features a linkage that provides a lift height of over 10 feet 7 inches and a reach of 32.5 inches at a bucket angle of 45 degrees. A long wheelbase of 48.3 inches makes the 252 ideal for grading and provides operators with a comfortable ride. Additional applications include material handling at nurseries, greenhouses and on the jobsite, cleanup work, digging, load and carry operations, off-loading palletized materials or supplies and any other task where increased lift capacity reach and height are required. The Cat skid steer loaders feature a proprietary linkage design that maintains a constant reach throughout the lift cycle. Caterpillar
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RedMax's new EBZ4800 backpack blower allows green industry professionals to clean the air while they clean their job sites. The EBZ4800 is powered by Komatsu Zenoah's Strato-Charged engine. This 47.9-cc 2-cycle power plant is the only engine of its size that meets CARB II and EPA Phase 2 clean air standards by introducing fresh air into the engine between the exhaust gases and the fresh charge of air/fuel mix. The 19.6-pound EBZ4800 backpack blower is ergonomically designed for operator comfort and maximum productivity. It moves up to 458 CFM of air at a speed of up to 161 mph. Yet, the noise level is just 65 dB (A). RedMax
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Morbark introduces Model 20/36 Track Chipper, which is designed to process up to 18-inch material in a variety of locations. Ideal for general land clearing, right-of-ways, pipeline clearing, utility clearing and golf course development, the Model 20/36 Track Chipper is versatile and mobile. It is equipped with a hydraulic discharge spout so chips can be conveniently directed in a 180-degree arc. Not only is it light and compact enough to maneuver and easy to transport, but it is also built with rugged steel. Equipped with a 36-inch diameter drum and a drum speed of 1,150 rpm, the 20/36 makes quick work of brush and trees. The 20/36 is also built with an enclosed weatherized operator's cab with joystick controls and 4-way adjustable seat, providing a comfortable work area for the operator. Morbark
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The new Allmand TLB-325 heavy-duty compact tractor loader backhoe features an exclusive ESL backhoe design and offers service features necessary to tackle a variety of applications in a compact, easy-to-use machine. Powered by either a Kohler CH25S or Robin EH72 25-hp gasoline engine, the 3,950-pound TLB-325 features an industrial-class backhoe. The backhoe offers a 4,611-pound digging force as well as a 9-foot 8-inch digging depth. Dual-cylinder, 180-degree hydraulic cushioned swing allows precise work in tight areas, while joystick control and an elevated seating position provide a large backhoe feel. Allmand
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