Echo's PB-650 Power Blower offers reliable, commercial-grade power with a comfortable, easy-to-operate design. The blower has heavy-duty performance and operator-friendly features and provides operator control for handling all types of commercial cleanup projects. The blower has Echo's 63.3 cc Power Boost engine delivering a maximum air speed of 201 mph. The engine also has a diaphragm carburetor to ensure the proper mix of both fuel and air for optimal engine performance and a heavy-duty commercial air filtration system that eliminates debris from entering the engine.
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W.A. Industries Inc. introduces MegaGro, a plant growth stimulator that is a solution of Gibberellic Acid to increase growth in plants. Gibberellic Acid is EPA approved and is safe to use on plants, flowers, vegetables and fruit. The product is a ready-to-use formula, requiring no pre-mixing. Simply spray onto the leaves of the plant and see results in two to three weeks. It can be used in conjunction with fertilizer to further increase results.
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The MADVAC 61 advanced 360-degree rotating vacuum hose support boom is a horizontal arm that moves from side-to-side and has been built to help pick up litter in areas that are not easily accessible, such as over guardrails. This vacuum compacts heavy-duty litter and collects approximately 100 to 120 gallons of litter with a hose length of up to 40 feet. This machine also has a quick-change litterbag and an air exhaust filter bag to keep operators dust free.
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Created by Speed Rack, the new SR1 Tie Down is simple, yet unique in its functional utility. The four rings of each column can rotate 180 degrees to allow left and right side tie downs simultaneously. Designed for securing ladders, sawhorses, compressors, plywood, and other equipment and material the builder doesn't want left untethered in a trailer. When not in use, the rings rest flat against the mounted surface.
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Revere's QWIK Traffic Striper makes striping parking lots, driveways and sidewalks easy. The striper produces crisp stripes from 2 to 4 inches on turf, asphalt or concrete. The unit rolls smoothly on a stable 13 × 16-inch base created by four rubber wheels for a straight, even line. Its wind guard feature allows striping even on windy days without overspray.
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Gehl and Arnco entered an agreement to offer tires filled with Arnco's SuperFlex polyurethane flatproofing material as optional equipment on select Gehl skid-steer loader and telescopic material handler models. A SuperFlex-filled tire functions similar to an air-filled tire and the patented formulation from Arnco is the ideal flatproofing product to use when ride, footprint and floatation are needed. SuperFlex protects both operator and machine from vibration and jolting. It also increases tire life and performance, adds ballast and maintains proper tire pressure and footprint.
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Valvette Systems introduces replacement riser stems for Hunter pop-up spray heads in 4-, 6- and 12-inch sizes for Hunter's SRS and Pro-Spray models. Each replacement riser stem contains the LittleValve allowing for complete control by service techs or installers over the sprinkler head while the water is on. The new replacement risers convert Hunter pop-ups so they provide the same benefits which are available for Rainbird 1800 models and Toro 570s, in that they stay in the “up” position when the nozzle is removed, provide flow control even if the screen is missing, eliminate all radius nozzles except for 15 footers and emit 13 to 16 percent less water than the original riser stems.
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Typar Professional Landscape Fabric helps maintain healthy plants by preventing weeds from growing and competing for water, space, sunlight and nutrients. By reducing or eliminating the need to spray chemicals, the fabric reduces further damage to the environment. Available in a variety of sizes, landscapers can select the length and width best suited for the job. It is lightweight and easy to carry to the job site.
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Caterpillar introduces the 287 Multi Terrain Loader, a compact rubber-tracked machine designed for use in construction, landscaping and agriculture. Equipped with a suspended undercarriage, vertical-lift loader linkage and comfortable cab, the 287 works productively in a broad range of applications and terrain conditions. With its traction, flotation and low ground pressure, the machine works in soft underfoot, on sloped terrain and on sensitive surfaces, such as turf.
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Designed for landscapers, the Lazymans slide-tilt trailer offers a 6-degree load angle and 12-inch rear gate for easy loading and unloading, even for heavy equipment with limited ability to climb inclines. The design offers a gradual slope. This easy loading feature prevents back strain and protects against load shifting. The trailers also offer 78 square feet of deck space, allowing room for mowers, roller and other tools.
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American Cargo introduces the Liberty cargo van, the fourth in a series of truck bodies this year. The Liberty has features including larger aerodynamic-designed aluminum cast corners, fiberglass reinforced plywood front wall, rear roll-up door with stainless steel rivets, 2-inch dense yellow pine floors and a lower non-slip bumper. The Liberty also offers a larger bulkhead door as a new option.
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Johnston introduces a water re-circulation system that increases sweeper working-time by reducing the unproductive time spent in replenishing on board water supplies. This system reclaims “spent” water from the vehicle's debris hopper and re-injects it back into the sweeper's suction system. The water lubricates the debris intake system and continues to quell dust emissions. Duty-cycles up to three times longer than normal are obtained, dust abrasion damage is virtually eliminated and fuel usage is reduced.
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