Wisconsin Metal Fab introduces the Power Bucket CD, a video offering a close-up view of the multi-task Power Bucket skid steer attachment. The Power Bucket changes from a scarifier for hard-packed conditions to a finish-grading bucket with the flip of a switch. The video shows the attachment's six replaceable teeth moving hydraulically, engaging at a 45-degree angle and penetrating to a depth of 5 inches, and offers proof of the unit's versatility.
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Snap-on Tools Company offers the new 12-volt Cordless Impact Wrench Kit, which features a variable speed trigger and comfort grip handle. The 3/8-inch square drive power tool comes with a Versavolt Charger and battery pack in one set. Tool and battery housings are constructed with glass-filled nylon for high impact strength and chemical resistance. The unit's heavy-duty, fan-cooled motor provides 2,100 rpm of free speed 2,400 blows per minute and 75 foot pounds of tightening torque.
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Locke introduces the redesigned GT series of reel mowers. The engine has been moved forward, the tail wheel removed and a mid-mount roller has been located just ahead of the traction rollers to provide balance even without a cutting unit attached. The cutting units are engineered and designed to practically eliminate torque stresses usually associated with reel mowers. The bed bar is stationary and securely fastened between the end plates. The heavy-duty grooved aluminum front roller and solid rear roller are designed with two sections to eliminate scuffing in curves. Each end of both rollers is adjustable for precision in adjusting and maintaining heights of cut.
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BlueYellow, a one-step solution for turf establishment, combines a cellulose-based substrate with a calibrated distribution of custom-blended, high quality grass seed and fertilizer in the form of a lightweight, 100 percent biodegradable roll. This product can be custom manufactured with any variety of commercially available seed and fertilizer for a prescription turf for new construction and renovation projects. BlueYellow adheres to the soil once it is watered, preventing seed migration and erosion while ensuring coverage and easy application on any area of prepared soil. The substrate maintains its integrity for several weeks, protecting the seed and fertilizer from wind, washouts and other damaging factors, reducing the potential for fertilizer run-off and costly reworking of the course.
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The Vanguard V-Twin Big Block Air-Cooled 35-hp engine from Briggs & Stratton features an advanced debris management system that is incorporated into the engine's air-cooling system and allows the engine to run cooler and cleaner, while enhancing durability and performance. Steel-backed aluminum bearings contribute to increased load capacity and reduced engine noise, while an innovative intake and exhaust system and large-volume muffler are tuned to provide a quieter running engine.
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The Toro Company introduces the ProCore 648 walking aerator for golf course greens and tees. The design of positioning the rear wheels within the coring path of the machine eliminates running over the freshly aerated turf. The ProCore 648 has a wide 48-inch aeration swath and aerates to a depth of 4 inches to relieve compaction, improve root growth and enhance overall turf health. The patented 3-wheel series/parallel traction drive, combined with the high-torque, low-speed wheel motors, prevents slippage for reliable traction, easy transport and even hole spacing.
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The Little Wonder BedShaper is available as a front-mount attachment for both Grasshopper and Walker mowers. The BedShaper offers precise control due to the blade position being beside the mower drive wheel, allowing the blade to pivot with the wheel for smooth flowing contours. With cutting depths from 1 inch to 4.5 inches, the attachment is versatile enough to handle most edging, bed shaping or trenching jobs. The frame is constructed from welded, formed high-gauge steel, and the powerful 16.25-inch diameter notched blade is made from heat-treated spring steel and is guaranteed against chipping, breaking, bending or delaminating for the life of the product.
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EarthWay Products, Inc. introduces the PowerPack Drive System, a self-propelled spreader. The machine converts most professional push spreaders into self-propelled powered units. It mounts using existing holes in the frame, has a variable speed control and the engine drive unit attaches to the frame with a single removable pin. The PowerPack uses a Honda 4-stroke engine and a Hoffco lubricated transmission. The kit includes all items needed to convert a push spreader into a powered unit.
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Monterey Lawn & Garden Products introduces the Sluggo-AG snail and slug control, which uses iron phosphate as an active ingredient. Sluggo-AG can be used on ornamental plantings, groundcovers, turf, fruit trees, citrus, herbs, berries, vegetables, greenhouses and other applications. It has a re-entry interval and a pre-harvest interval on edible crops up to the day of harvest. This product only controls slugs and snails, but remains effective after rainfall or irrigation. Sluggo-AG is applied at a rate of 40 pounds per acre, and once the bait is consumed the snails and slugs stop feeding on plant materials and crawl away to die. It can be used alone or as an alternative bait in IPM programs.
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