Sipcam Agro USA, Inc. introduces Tenacity 1.3ME Turf and Ornamental Fungicide, which is a broad-spectrum systemic fungicide. Tenacity 1.3ME controls more than 15 turfgrass diseases including dollar spot, brown patch, anthracnose, powdery mildew, rust, gray leaf spot, summer patch, take-all patch, pink and gray snowmold and spring dead spot. It is also labeled for a wide range of ornamental disease problems including conifer blights, flower bights, leaf blights and spots, as well as powdery mildew and rust. Tenacity can be tank-mixed with Echo-brand chlorothalonil fungicides to provide multi-site mode-of-action and greater resistance management. It is registered for use on golf courses, commercial and residential lawns, sports turf and sod farms.
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EPA-registered as a lower-risk pesticide, EcoGuard biofungicide from ROOTS Plant Care Group, a division of Novozymes Biologicals, controls fungal diseases and provides faster recovery from disease damage. EcoGuard is a concentrated suspension of spores from the patented organism Bacillus licheniformis SB3086 that produces powerful anti-fungal compounds that control diseases, particularly dollar spot and anthracnose. Designed for resistance management and IPM programs, EcoGuard can be used in rotation with other fungicides and was proven effective through university testing and golf course trials.
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Standard Golf Company introduces the Smart-Fit Cup and Ferrule System, providing golf course superintendents a solution for worn out ferrules and leaning flagsticks. The Smart-Fit System features the patented ST2000 non-stick cup coupled with a wide-shouldered, notched ferrule, which comes on all Standard Golf flagsticks. When flagsticks are placed in the cup, the cup's ribs mesh with the notches in the ferrule, making it impossible for flags to rotate and create excessive wear on cups or ferrules.
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Stevens Water Monitoring Systems, Inc. introduces the POGO Soil Sensor for the golf and sports industries. The sensor is a portable device that enables greenskeepers to spot-check any area of the green for instant data on soil moisture, salinity and temperature, for better watering and fertilization management. The POGO sensor sends the information to a detachable PDA or to a laptop using Bluetooth wireless technology for data storage and analysis.
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Rain Bird Golf introduces the EAGLE Wireless Rotor, which is capable of communicating from a central control or handheld unit without the use of underground wiring. The rotor allows separate irrigation schedules for the two different types of turf on and around the green. It also minimizes damage due to trenching and reduces installation time. It uses a paging service to communicate from the central control system to the rotor. An internal battery and solar panel eliminate the need for external power and the available handheld unit allows direct communications to the rotor.
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The Toro Company introduces the Pro Sweep 5200 core collector, which provides a quality collection option for sports fields, parks and other grounds areas. The Pro Sweep 5200 has a 52-inch sweeping width with an exclusive floating brush housing that rotates from side to side and front to back, allowing the sweeper to collect cores on uneven terrain. The pivoting sub-frame allows you to maintain positive tongue weight and for better traction on inclines, even when the sweeper is filling up. The Pro Sweep is easily towed by the Toro Heavy Duty Workman and is powered by the vehicle's high flow hydraulics. It features a large capacity 25-cubic-feet hopper and a high-lift dump feature, which provides the ability to dump all the cores easily into the bed of another Workman or trailer and completely empty the hopper.
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Jacobsen, a Textron Company has designed a new bedknife for its magnetic bedbar system that is thin, strong and disposable. The MagRazor is attached with magnets, no screws. Installation and removal take seconds. The MagRazor provides a sharp edge that's ready to cut as soon as it's removed from its box, eliminating grinding. The magnetic technology allows technicians to change bedknives on-site rather than bringing the equipment back to the shop. With both the original MagKnife and the new MagRazor, foreign objects such as broken tees, sticks, small pebbles and coins, passed cleanly between the cutting blades and the bedknife without damage. The system fits all of Jacobsen reel mowers such as the E-Walk, TC22, G-Plex, E-Plex, LF 1880 and LF3400.
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