Tanaka introduces the TBC-2500, a lightweight 24cc, 1.2-hp grass trimmer to its professional landscaper line-up. Weighing just over 10.8 pounds (with cutting head), the TBC-2500 combines the same power as the TBC-2501, with the TBC-230's gear box. Additional specifications include a 5-inch semi-automatic cutting head that holds 25 feet of line, a 19.3-fluid-ounce fuel tank and a bearing supported, 7mm solid steel drive shaft.
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Bell Laboratories introduces Talprid, which is a mole bait designed to kill moles. Talprid received approval from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in 2004 for use on lawns, around homes, in parks, golf courses, ornamental gardens, nurseries and non-crop grassy areas. It is sized and shaped like an earthworm, and is manufactured with special enhancers to ensure attraction and ingestion of the product. The bait also has a feel and stretch similar to earthworms.
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Genesis III is the latest upgrade to Hunter Industries' Genesis Central Control System software. Offering a range of enhancements, including interactive graphics and faster Flow Optimizer processing, the software boasts Windows 32-bit standards and is compatible with all Genesis field controllers currently in use. The software accepts scanned-in aerial photos, scorecards or as-built course drawings, enabling superintendents to view every hole on a golf course on screen, identify “control zones” for programming changes and gain rapid access to common irrigation control functions.
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Neptune Chemical Pump Co. has added feed verification to the PZ line of electronic metering pumps. The Flow Checker, which is an oval gear meter, not a pulse counter, mounts directly to the discharge of any PZ, PZi4 or PZi8 pump and provides 1 pulse output for each ml of liquid measured. Connect the Flow Checker output to a controller or PLC to provide vital information for water treatment programs requiring feed verification to manage chemistry and monitor drum inventory.
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Mosquito Squad offers an alternative to homeowners and commercial customers for eliminative mosquitoes and other insects such as flies, gnats, fleas, Japanese beetles and spiders. Mosquito Squad's automatic misting system uses pyrethrum — a natural insecticide — to create an invisible barrier that attacks the mosquito's nervous system almost immediately. Afterward, pyrethrum is quickly degraded by the combination of air and sunlight. A 30- or 55-gallon reservoir, control unit and pump is stationed in an inconspicuous area, typically near an air conditioning unit, and pumps pyrethrum through quarter-inch nylon tubing that connects nozzles placed 10 to 15 feet apart.
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Bayer Environmental Science introduces Armada 50 WP fungicide, which provides 30-day control of two major lawn care diseases, brown patch and dollar spot, as well as 12 other turf diseases. Packaged in water-soluble packets, Armada can be applied with back pack or tank sprayers. The product contains trifloxystrobin and triadimefon, active ingredients from the strobilurin and sterol inhibitor chemistry classes, respectively. The fungicide provides both contact and systemic turf protection. In addition to brown patch and dollar spot, Armada controls anthracnose, leaf spot, red thread, southern blight and summer patch, among other turf diseases.
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Renzos Decoys introduces the Renzos Coyote decoy as a safe, humane and cost-effective way to rid golf courses, business complexes and personal homes of unwanted birds, such as geese. The Renzos Coyote is a realistic silhouette photo and is also weatherproof. The coyote 2-pack are easy to set up and take down as well as move around to different areas.
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Grasshopper introduces the Sunshade Canopy attachment available for all Grasshopper True ZeroTurn MidMount and FrontMount mowers. The Sunshade is a heavy-duty vinyl canopy that protects the operator from the sun. It provides plenty of headroom and reduces eyestrain, as well as limiting exposure to direct sunlight and heat for increased operator comfort.
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