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The Gorilla Glue Co. introduces Gorilla Tape, which sticks to surfaces ordinary tapes can't, such as metal, glass, brick, stucco and wood. Made with double thick adhesive, strong reinforced backing and an all-weather shell, it is two to three times thicker than conventional duct tape. Offering 17 mils of thick adhesive, Gorilla Tape features a stickier grip that quickly holds to surfaces that other tape won't stick to, especially porous surfaces like brick and stucco. Gorilla Tape also features an all-weather shell that allows it to remain resilient in extreme weather and under harsh UV rays.
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The Innovative Fluid Handling Systems Storage & Dispensing System from the IFH Group provides an easier, safer and cleaner alternative for handling oils, lubricants and other fluids such as cutting oils, bearing oils, hydraulic fluids, transmissions fluids and engine oils. The storage and dispensing system provides clean and efficient product transfer. There's no drum tipping, cleaning and switching, and no replacement of drum pumps. The IFH Storage and Dispensing System takes up less floor space, helps maintain proper inventory and contains spills.
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The Bobcat mower attachment is designed for rough-cut applications, including road ditch right-of-way, golf course roughs and large-acreage mowing. The Bobcat mower attachment eliminates driving over the grass before cutting, and provides visibility to the work area. It has three overlapping blades for clean cutting with no skips and direct hydraulic motor drive that powers a single V-belt. It also features industry-standard cutting blades that elevate grass for better mulch capability and an adjustable cutting height from 2 to 5.5 inches in half-inch increments.
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Billy Goat Industries introduces the Force, a walk-behind blower that is designed with increased power and lighter materials. The Force weighs 20 pounds less than the standard walk-behind blower because of its proprietary polymer housing. The newly designed fan and housing allow for increased performance. The walk-behind blower is available with 9-hp Subaru, 9-hp Honda and 13-hp Honda engines. The total unit weight ranges from 141 to 163 pounds and comes with an optional parking brake and lock-down kit.
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The John Deere Mulch-on-Demand Deck allows operators to switch from side discharge to mulch mode by simply moving a lever from their seat. Available as a factory-installed option for both the 757 and 777 Z-Trak mower, the Mulch-on-Demand's patented moveable baffle system not only blocks the discharge opening, it also separates each individual cutting chamber to ensure the grass clippings circulate, mulch and drop quickly. This technology is designed for professional groundskeepers who typically use a dedicated mulching machine or have to install and remove a mulching kit during the mowing season.
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ROOTS Plant Care group, a division of Novozymes Biologicals, introduces Ca Chelate, a unique fully chelated 18-percent calcium supplement fertilizer with soluble potassium. Designed for turf and ornamental plants, Ca Chelate allows immediate foliar and root uptake, helps reduce heat stress and reduces calcium deficiencies. Ca Chelate is a wettable power formulation, packaged in 5-pound cases. As a tank mix, Ca Chelate is formulated for soil or foliar application and can be used for overseeding or to strengthen highly trafficked areas such as greens and tees, fairways and sports turf.
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