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McMurtry Limited introduces the MAS Mower 01, the electrically-powered machine that combines a conventional 36-inch-wide, six-bladed cutting cylinder with a laser-guided, computer-controlled steering system. The mower can be pre-programmed to follow any required mowing path across the turf with a high level of accuracy. The mower's guidance system includes a long-range, eye-safe rotating laser scanner mounted on top of the machine, which operates in conjunction with a series of reflectors positioned around the area being mown. On-board micro-processors linked to the laser continuously calculate the mower's position on the pitch, adjusting the steering to keep the machine moving along its pre-programmed path.
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BioSafe Systems announces a new easy-to-read label for GreenClean Granular Algaecide. This user-friendly label will include a variety of useful features. One addition is a rate chart on the back of the container to help accurately dose your pond. The label will also contain several tips for beneficial and effective methods for applying GreenClean. GreenClean is a curative and preventative solution eradicating string algae in ponds, water gardens and non-painted surfaces. It is available in 2-, 8-, 20- and 50-pound pails through independent retail garden centers and water garden supply stores.
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Featuring a dual flat-spray pattern, the Turbo TeeJet Duo (TT Duo), from Spraying Systems Co., maximizes canopy penetration and coverage and produces larger droplets for greater drift control. The TT Duo is ideal for contact post-emergence herbicides, insecticides and fungicides and for systemic post-emergence herbicides and fungicides. The operating pressure range is 15 to 90 psi and a 60-, 90- or 120-degree angle between spray patterns can be used depending on tip configuration.
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The Toro Company announces its exclusive rights to distribute the Cool Tops downdraft system for landscape mowing equipment. The Cool Tops system is a patented, 12-volt fan that can be mounted to Toro Z Master riding mowers equipped with a roll-over protection system (ROPS), whether old or new. It is designed to promote comfort and productivity by keeping motor heat, insects and debris off equipment operators. The fan's sturdy construction measures 25 inches long by 20.5 inches wide and includes a steel frame, plus a waterproof motor and switch.
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The Gravely ST622 edger gets at those places a walk-behind mower can't for a clean, manicured-looking lawn. The edger is available with a 6-hp Tecumseh Centura engine with a head that pivots right and left 15 degrees. This feature makes it easier to trim under fences and bushes. With the 0.155-diameter cutting cord, the edger clears tough grass and weeds. The 22-inch cutting diameter clears a wide area so you can get the job done fast. The 14-gauge stamped-steel deck and 7-gauge steel frame are built to last. Multi-position ergonomic handlebar reduces wrist and hand fatigue.
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Swisher introduces Trailmowers in 44- and 60-inch cutting decks. Trailmowers attach to your ATV or lawn tractor and are designed to save time when mowing large lawns and meadows. Both the T-44 and T-60 Trailmowers feature a rugged, heavy steel deck and an exclusive bumper roller system to protect against damage to trees and shrubs. The T-44 can attach to your lawn tractor and act as a wing mower, doubling your cutting width. The T-60 comes equipped with a 2-gallon fuel tank and incorporates three blades for finished cut quality.
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