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Three new Kawasaki backpack blowers offer landscape and turf care professionals more power, comfort and convenience. The KRB650B features a 45.4cc engine to clean up big jobs with a maximum air volume of 755 cfm and a maximum air velocity of 164 mph. The KRB750A and KRB750B feature a 64.7cc engine with a maximum air volume of 800 cfm and an air velocity of 200 mph. The KRB650B and KRB750B use a newly designed joystick featuring a tube-mount handle, while the KRB750A has a side-mount or “hip” throttle. Other features found on the backpack blowers include a high-performance paper air filter and low noise level.
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Ball Horticultural Company introduces Matrix pansies that are built according to exact specifications in order to give industry professionals consistency and predictability. The Matrix pansy has a more robust habit, better branching and less stretch for maximum soil coverage. With their short stems holding up large flowers, Matrix pansies perform well in home gardens and commercial landscapes. They prefer cooler temperatures and enjoy full to part sun. Matrix varieties will grow to a height of 8 inches and spread 8 to 10 inches. Matrix pansies come in 12 vibrant colors and four mixtures for 2006.
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Lacebark Inc. introduces Establishment and Maintenance of Landscape Plants II, written by Dr. Carl Whitcomb. The 3rd edition (published 2006) is in a new 8-inch by 10-inch format. The book covers drainage, nutrition and other factors dealing with both the planting and establishment and the long-term care of landscaping plants. It is a complete rewrite of the original book with new information, and at the beginning of each chapter there is emphasis on the key points of what to do, followed by the underlying studies that show why those recommendations are made. The book is 350 pages, hardback, includes many photos and costs $59 plus $8.75 shipping and handling.
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The Toro Company introduces the Groundsmaster 7200 and 7210 mowers. These new zero-radius rotary mowers come equipped with Kubota 28-hp and 33-hp 3-cylinder liquid-cooled diesel engines. Three deck configurations are available: 72-inch side discharge, 72-inch Guardian Recycler and 62-inch Guardian Recycler. The innovative bumper skids protect the cutting deck, trees and fences while lessening the turf scuffing from trimming around trees and other obstacles. The Groundsmaster 7200 and 7210 can also groom infields and blow leaves with various accessories and attachments on the Quick Attach System.
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Bird-B-Gone, Inc. introduces the Goose Chase Super Sonic. This sound deterrent sends out actual goose distress and alarm calls, mixed with predator calls to deter geese from problem areas. Different modes and sound combinations can be chosen to baffle geese. The Goose Chase Super Sonic is designed for golf courses, lakefront homes, parks, campuses or anywhere experiencing pest geese problems. Each unit can cover up to an acre of land, with options to add additional speakers for more coverage.
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Nematec introduces Bio~Vantage75, which is a new strain of beneficial nematodes known as Hb-NJy. Bio~Vantage75 effectively controls grubs of Japanese beetles and masked chafer, and also demonstrates effectiveness against the annual bluegrass weevil, bluegrass billbug, hunting billbug, European crane fly, chinch bug, armyworm, cutworms and sod webworms in turfgrass. Bio~Vantage75 nematodes have also been highly effective against black vine weevils, a serious pest of many ornamental plants and fungus gnats, which are a pest of ornamentals in the indoors, interioscapes and greenhouses. Bio~Vantage75 treats an area of 4,500 square feet of turfgrass.
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