Use the Harley screener/cleaner to screen athletic infields and make your own topsoil. Screen horse tracks and arenas for use on landscape sites, golf course construction, trench restoration and all landscaping projects. Remove objects from ½ inch to 4 inches in diameter and up to 3 inches deep, making a 3-foot wide swath. Beach cleaning models are also available for tractor-drawn or self-powered ATV pulled models.
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The Vanguard 31-hp engine from Briggs & Stratton features an all-new block design that allows an 895-cc displacement. An industrial Donaldson-type 5-inch centrifugal air cleaner increases engine life and reduces maintenance. Additionally, tests indicate low noise and vibration levels for increased operator comfort and reduced component wear.
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Packed with power, Tornado engines from Echo comply with all current Class IV emissions regulations and will meet future requirements up to and including 2005. The engine sends a high-powered swirl of fuel and air into the engine, creating a whirlwind that intermixes with the remaining exhaust from the previous power. This vortex works to create a more complete combustion, resulting in less unburned fuel leaving through the exhaust. Operators can feel the engine's variable slope ignition timing at the first touch of the throttle, as it works to match ignition timing to the rpm of the engine, providing quicker and smoother acceleration with improved combustion efficiency.
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Hot weather, aging hydraulic hoses and connectors and heavy usage of equipment are all elements of ultimate fluid loss on the course. Hydraulic oil spill and hose leakage from mowers can cause expensive brown spot and soil damage. The 6602 Low Tox hydraulic Oil from Lubrication Engineers helps minimize those problems as it has low ecotoxicity for environmental concerns, yet it offers the performance of premium hydraulic fluids. The product also helps minimize hydraulic hose and seal hardening while extending life and improving performance.
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With on-off/flow control at every sprinkler head, LittleValve products save water and labor costs. The pop-up riser replacements, shrub bodies and under-the-head fittings allow you to change out the nozzle and sprinkler head and flush without shutting down the system. When heading-up new installations or doing maintenance, one person does the job that used to take two, without getting soaked, relying on a remote control or throwing water down the drain. Control flow even without screens — each product is an adjustable pressure-compensating unit, so you get the amount of water you need right where it's needed.
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Becker Underwood Inc. introduces Nematac S, a bio-pesticide that uses a natural enemy instead of chemicals to control damaging mole crickets on golf courses, sod farms, parks and pastures in the southeastern United States. The beneficial nematodes in Nematac S become active when applied to a soil profile and use mole crickets as hosts. The microscopic nematodes enter inside the mole crickets and release bacteria, which is lethal to the pest. The mole cricket becomes a food source for the nematodes, which will reproduce and continue to attack.
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Maruyama releases the low-emission 30.2 CE300 engine, with no catalyst, no extra weight and no extra heat. Furthermore, the engine allows little unburned fuel to escape for better fuel efficiency and power. Many upcoming products will use the engine, including the BC3020 brushcutter/trimmer.
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The PT-2430 is the newest model from Power Trac. This mini bucketloader/backhoe is small but offers a 1,200-pound lift capacity and lift height of 8 feet. The backhoe has a breakout force of 3,000 pounds, a 9-foot 6-inch reach and a digging depth of 7 feet. The wheel-drive tractor has a 30-hp diesel engine. Front-mounted attachments include buckets, forks, trencher, augers, tree hugger and more.
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JLG Industries expands its product offerings to include a family of trailers that are designed for transporting a broad range of equipment, supplies and materials. Marketed under the Triple-L brand, these lower, load and lift trailers incorporate a Power Deck hydraulic system that allows you to lower the deck of the trailer to ground level. Available in three styles — flatbed, utility or box — and enclosed, the trailers come in 20 different models with capacities ranging from 2,000 to 10,000 pounds. Standard features include two lockable steel compartments, a quick-adjust tongue jack, heavy-duty tie-down rings and a 12V system that power the hydraulic pump used to lower and raise the deck.
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National rental chain HSS RentX introduces a rugged, towable weed sprayer that's designed for treating large shrubs and trees. The spray nozzle adjusts to vegetation of all types. It has a large-capacity 50-gallon tank and 3.5-hp engine. Hassle-free rental means no cleanup or maintenance.
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TerraCyte Broad Spectrum algaecide/fungicide is an environmentally friendly granular that you can apply directly to soils, potted plants, propagation flats, liners and turf for prevention and control of moss, algae, slime, molds, liverwort and their spores. The peroxygen chemistry allows for the oxidation and long-lasting prevention of these pathogens. The elements are biodegradable and release active oxygen and carbon dioxide into the growing environment, both of which are beneficial to plant and turf growth. It is safe for use on all types of plants and shrubs.
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GoatThroat Pumps manufactures small, versatile, hand-operated transfer pumps, safe for use with all commonly used agricultural chemicals, pesticides and fertilizers with no sparking hazard. Made of food grade polypropylene, GoatThroat can pressurize any container from 2 to 55 gallons in seconds. A drip-proof faucet dispenses small amounts or gives steady flow up to 4.5 gpm. Containers remain upright, so there is no extra handling required for drums and no chance for accidental spills.
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GreenFix Golf Inc. introduces a new three-in-one repair tool designed to help turf maintenance professionals repair ball marks on greens. The GreenFix PRO is the professional version of the new GreenFix for golfers, a convenient ball-mark repair tool that's incorporated into the putter grip. The product includes a patented ball-mark repair tool at one end of an aluminum shaft, a roller for smoothing the repaired turf at the other end and a coring tool that you access with the twist of a thumbscrew. This long-handled tool makes it easy to repair ball marks without bending over, saving time and labor.
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Encore offers a new grass collection system for the Prowler commercial riders. The unit has an all-steel, high-performance blower with a steel liner. The blower is spindle-driven — no extra engine required. The blower's counter flow design breaks up incoming material to maximize the collection capacity.
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Oly-Ola Sales introduces Bulldog-Edg, a low-profile landscape edging for railway garden landscaping projects. Made of heavy-duty 100-percent-recycled vinyl, the product's extra thick construction combines the safety features, flexibility and ease of installation of vinyl with the look and strength of metal. In addition to being used to form neat, clean lines between turf, planting areas, groundcovers and railroad tracks, the edging also makes laying tracks easy and keeps foundation material stable. It provides you the ability to make creative track bed and bridge area designs, giving them a professional, finished look.
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Utility vehicle provider Metro Motors Corp. launches its new 2003 models of off-road, automotive-style utility vehicles, the Metro MicroTruk and Metro MicroVan. The new Micro Series of vehicles features new styling, allowing for operator comfort while maintaining the size requirements necessary for customer applications. Key standard features include power steering; tinted glass; 1300cc, 16-valve SOHC emissions-compliant engine; and safety three-point ELR seatbelts and side impact beams.
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Shindaiwa announces the availability of its 4-cycle T2500X trimmer, featuring C4 technology. The engine is 24.5 cc with 1.1 hp, and is designed for the commercial markets. Like the Shindaiwa T2500 straight shaft trimmer, the T2500X features a cross between a 2-cycle and 4-cycle engine. It is lightweight with good throttle response, capable of all-day use and all-position use like a 2-cycle engine, coupled with the low noise, better fuel economy, high torque and reduced exhaust gas emissions of a 4-cycle engine. The trimmer uses a 50:1 fuel mix.
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