Triplex greens mowers

The math can't be disputed: Three is greater than one.

So it makes sense that a triplex greens mower-with three cutting units-would be able to trim your course's greens faster than a mower with just one unit.

That's the key advantage of a triplex greens mower.

"All triplex machines have the same thing in mind: getting the job done faster," says Helmut Ullrich, marketing manager of greens products for Toro.

Precision cuts A triplex greens mower is equipped with three precision reel mowers to provide a close cut of greens. They are designed to be maneuverable and lightweight so they will do minimal damage to the turf as they trim the greens.

"To be able to drive a vehicle on a green, it needs to be very delicate," says Ullrich.

Electric and fuel-powered units are available. Some models boast of delivering cuts as short as 5/64 inch.

Triplex greens mowers became more critical to golf course maintenance as courses focused more on productivity and had a more difficult time attracting enough workers.

Because courses and superintendents are often judged by the quality of the greens, a triplex mower allows a course to provide manicured greens while maintaining a reasonable budget.

Switching to walk-behinds Triplex units aren't suitable at all times. In stressful conditions during a hot summer, the mechanical wear of a triplex mower can do more damage to greens than a walk-behind machine. Turf specialists recommend switching from triplex machines to walk-behinds during these times.

In recent years, the trend at many golf course has been swinging back to walk-behind greens mowers.

"A lot of people feel that walking greens mowers giver a better quality of cut," says Ullrich.

More exclusive golf courses are more often able to afford the luxury of walk-behind greens mowing. And, says Ullrich, your clientele might feel that single units are more aesthetically pleasing.

"The walking greens mowers give that striping effect that you seen on television," he says. "Golfers see that on TV, then demand it on their own courses."

But for courses unable to devote the time and manpower to walk-behind mowing, triplex greens mowers are the most effective way to maintain presentable greens and keep costs down.

Even though they are designed for precision cutting on greens, many courses also use their triplex mowers on tees and fairways.

"A lot of course will use their new triplex mowers on their greens and rotate the older machines to the tees and fairways," says Ullrich.

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