Walk-Behind Rotary Mowers

Are you looking for a rotary mower that will give you productivity and, at the same time, give you excellent maneuverability? Look no further. The following manufacturers can satisfy your need for that mid- to large-size walk-behind rotary mower. If you need more information about these walk-behind rotaries, use the circle numbers provided at the end of each product description.

The Bob-Cat Hydro and Gear Drive commercial walk-behind mowers can be equipped with fully-floating ContourCut cutting decks ranging in size from 36 to 61 inches wide. Also available are fixed decks of 36- and 48-inch widths. Engine choices are15, 17 or 21 hp on the hydros and a 13.5, 15 or 17 hp on the gear drives. The Bob-Cat Hydro also gives a true zero-turn radius capability with independent speed levers, enhanced control panel with the new single-lever ground speed governor that controls power to each wheel. Both mowers feature the new Soft-Grip+ pistol-type control handles.
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The Bunton Hydro and Gear Drive walk-behind mowers can be equipped with a fully-floating TufDeck cutting deck ranging in size from 36 to 61 inches wide and featuring heavy-duty 10-gauge steel and 7-gauge skirts. Fixed decks 36 and 48 inches wide are also available. The Hydro offers a choice of 15-, 17- or 21-hp engine and features true zero-turn radius capability with independent speed controls for each wheel. The Gear Drives come equipped with a 15- or 17-hp engine. Both mowers will feature the E-Z-Touch Loop Handle controls. The light-touch, loop-handle controls feature padded, ergonomically designed handles and positive operator presence controls.
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Encore's Premier Proline walk-behinds are available in both gear-drive and hydrostatic models. Encore's Premier Series gear-drive mowers are available with 32-, 36- and 48-inch decks. The hydrostatics have 36- or 48-inch decks. All the decks have a reinforced 7-gauge support channel under the belt shield and a front-to-back deck stabilizing Z-bar to minimize vibration and increase deck strength. A steel bumper adds more front deck stability between the casters and protects the mower from front-end damage. The 10-inch casters have double strut support to provide better floatation and shock absorption over curbs and rough terrain. All units feature a removable fuel tank.
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Exmark's Turf Tracer walk-behind mower combines the positioning of the Enhanced Control System with hydrostatic drive productivity. The Kohler 20- and 23-hp units feature a heavy-duty canister air filter and cleanout ports that improve engine life. Deck comes in a 52- and 60-inch full-floating design. Rear-drive tires are 18 × 8.5 inches for enhanced traction and performance. Pneumatic front castor tires are 11 × 3.5 inches and offer sealant for added performance and reliability. Quick-height adjust system provides easy level height adjustments. Zero-turn and instant forward-to-reverse enhance maneuverability. The Turf Tracer has ground speeds of up to 6.2 mph forward.
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Gravely introduces the new GR1336FXP gear-drive, walk-behind mower. It includes new easy-to-use ground drive controls with intuitive action, a parking brake with a single point of operation, adjustable single-tube handle bar that can be set to fit different operators, an hour meter and a heavy-duty electric clutch. It has a 13-hp Kawasaki engine and 36-inch fixed deck. The GR1336FXP operates at speeds of up to 6.7 mph forward, has a 6.6-gallon fuel tank and 9- × 3.5-inch no-flat front caster wheels.
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Howard Price manufactures walk-behind rotaries ranging in size from a 14-hp unit with 36-inch cut to a 20-hp unit with a 60-inch deck. These units are both gear- and hydrostatic-driven. The 48-inch hydro has a floating deck system, which oscillates 9 inches from side to side, providing flotation and less scalping.
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The Husqvarna WHF4818 has an 18-hp electric start, V-Twin Kawasaki engine. The transmission is a hydro gear drive with dual pumps. The unit has a forward speed of 7 mph and reverse speed of 3 mph. Its 48-inch cutting width offers a fully baffled 10-guage steel deck with 7-guage steel skirts with a rolled under front edge. The QuickLift deck lift system has cutting heights from 1.5 to 5 inches. The model features 18×7.5-inch pneumatic rear tires and a 5.3-gallon fuel tank.
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John Deere's mid-size mower line includes the HD and GS series mowers. The HD series is a hydrostatic unit with one lever used for speed control, tracking and a parking brake. The GS series is equipped with a 5-speed Dana-Spicer gear transmission with reverse. The HD and GS series both offer a 14- or 17-hp, overhead valve, 4-cycle, gas engine. Mower deck sizes include 36-, 48- and 54-inch with quick height-of-cut, no-tools adjustment and cutting heights ranging from 1 to 5 inches.
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The Scag “Ultimate” Hydro Walk-Behind offers a choice of engines, including a 15-hp Kohler or Kawasaki, and a 17- or 21-hp Kawasaki engine. It also provides a choice of 36-, 48-, 52- or 61-inch Standard or Advantage cutter decks. With the easily adjustable floating cutter deck, you can change cutting heights from 1 to 4.5 inches without tools. It features dual hydraulic pumps and wheel motors for power and performance, and comes equipped with self-adjusting, spring-loaded idler, convenient operator control levers and the “Adjust-A-Trac” feature allowing no-tool neutral and tracking adjustments.
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LESCO CommercailPlus series of mowers features gear and hydro units. Both models are available with 36-, 48-, or 52-inch fabricated decks with 10-gauge steel and 7-gauge steel skirt. The hydro mowers have Kawasaki engines ranging from 15 to 19 hp, twin cylinder engines, with and without electric start, twin hydro-gear pumps and twin hydraulic motors on each drive wheel for zero-turning radius. The hydro also has twin levers that control ground speed, a digital gauge that reads total hours, a sentry that monitors engine rpm and hours between oil changes. The gear-drive mowers have Kawasaki engines using a 13-hp single-cylinder or a 15- or 17-hp twin cylinder with electric start.
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Snapper's Pro Hydro mid-size walk-behind mowers are powered by a choice of 14- or 17-hp OHV Kawasaki engines or 15- or 23-hp OHV engines. Decks are available in 36-, 48-, 52- and 61-inch widths. Built of seven-gauge steel, the full-floating deck system includes an easy height-of-cut adjustment system. Independent left and right cranks make changing height easy while the built-in height gauge makes it simple to monitor. The comfort loop handle with Accutrac On-the-Go fingertip hydrostatic drive adjustment provides productivity and serviceability.
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Toro's ProLine Gear and Hydro floating deck, mid-size mowers come equipped with four different engines sizes: Kawasaki 12.5-hp, 15-hp and 17-hp and the 13-hp and 15-hp Kohler Command PRO models. The mowers feature the patented Toro T-Bar Steering system, which is designed for ease of operation. All the models have a forward ground speed of up to 6.5 mph to cut through large projects, and feature fully-floating Super Flow System decks that offer blade-tip speeds of more than 18,000 feet per minute and height of cut from 1 to 4.5 inches in ¼-inch increments.
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Walker Manufacturing introduces the Walker by Walker, a compact, mid-size, walk-behind mower powered by a 15-hp Kawasaki engine with full-pressure lubrication to deliver enough power to run all Walker side-discharge and mulching decks up to 56 inches. The same full-floating decks that are run on the Walker Rider also mount on the walk-behind, including the deck tilt-up function. A castering tail wheel on the tractor allows the deck to move independently with flexible deck suspension and spring counterweighting allows the deck to “float” and follow ground contour for a good cut.
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The Yazoo/Kees Kutter unit is available with four choices of commercial Kawasaki or Kohler engines with 13 or 15 hp and 32-, 36- and 48-inch decks. The cutting deck is constructed of 10-guage steel with 7-guage side skirts and a “rolled” front edge for strength. The transmission is a Peerless 5-speed 700 Series with speeds ranging from 2 to 6 mph and assisted reverse with a 9-spline output shaft. It has a traction wheel drive with doublewide power belts and large cast drive pulleys. It also features pneumatic 4-ply drive tires that provide increased traction and flotation. The cutting height adjusts in ¼-inch increments from 1.5 to 5 inches. The handles are steel and made of 1-inch diameter, 11-guage-wall tubing.
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