Survey Says: $2.7 Billion

The Green Industry Economic Survey is complete and the results have been tabulated. The survey included Green industry operations, both businesses and individuals, which design, produce, sell, install and/or maintain flowers, foliage plants, sod, nursery, landscape products or Christmas trees. Services were also part of the Green Industry survey and included landscape and floral design, exterior and interior landscape or irrigation installation and maintenance, fertilizer and pesticide application, arboricultural services and lawn care. Unrelated services such as snow and ice removal, field, or fruit and vegetable crops were not included in the survey and the survey did not include businesses outside of Wisconsin.

As a result of the surveys, the Green Industry in Wisconsin is valued at $2.7 billion. Over 4,700 green-related businesses are in Wisconsin, which employ over 43,000 workers (18,000 full-time, 19,700 part-time, and 5,000 public/government), with 4,300 of the total being Hispanic. The public/government and golf course sectorsí expenses account for $149 million and $98 million, respectively. Of the $696 million in products sold, a majority was due to floriculture products (36%) and miscellaneous goods (35%). Trees and shrubs accounted for 18% of the total sales, with 7% from Christmas trees and wreaths, and 4% from sod. Wages paid to employees in Wisconsin totaled $471 million with an additional $53 million from Wisconsin sales taxes. In terms of acreage in 2002, the largest crop was Christmas trees (36,000 acres) with 1,800,000 trees cut. Trees and shrubs accounted for 14,300 acres, with 850,000ft2 greenhouse space, 10,000 acres in sod, and floriculture products at 1,500 acres, with 10,500,000ft2 greenhouse space.

It is interesting to note that for the $302 million in household equipment sales, 70% were from riding lawnmowers and 14% were from walk-behind lawnmowers. The remaining homeowner equipment expenses were from garden tools and other lawn and garden equipment. The top four green-related services that homeowners paid for in 2002 were fertilizing turf or landscape plants (13%), weed, insect, or disease control (13%), tree and shrub removal (11%), and tree and shrub pruning (10%), yet most homeowners, unfortunately, either do the project themselves or not at all. Additionally, it was found that 55% of homeowners have lived in their current residence for ten years or more, 38% living 1-10 years at their current residence, which leaves 7% as new homeowners of one year or less.

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