Chemilizer Injectors Aid Hurricane Relief Efforts

Chemilizer’s HN55 injector is playing an important role in helping generate drinkable water for those in rural areas of Louisiana and Mississippi who have been disconnected from normal community sources by hurricanes Katrina and Rita.

According to Dick Jarvis, a volunteer from The Florida Baptist Conference organization, while urban water sources are returning to normal from the devastation of the two hurricanes, those living in many remote areas are receiving purified water by means of a portable water purifying system. “If we can’t connect these people to drinkable water systems, we bring the system to them,” Jarvis said.

Each of the portable units consists of micron filtration, media filtration, ultraviolet purification and chlorine purification. The last step is to inject with chlorine to provide a 1.5 to 2.0 parts per million chlorine content. One portable unit was used after Hurricane Charlie in Punta Gorda, Fla., and Jarvis has built six more of these portable units in his garage in Orlando, Fla. More units are being assembled in other states utilizing Chemilizer injectors.

“In these kinds of disaster situations, we need simple and effective ways of dealing with water purification. And Chemilizer does exactly that,” he said. Future plans include deployment in Indonesia and other areas with a demonstrated need.

The Florida Baptist Conference has a comprehensive disaster relief organization that cooperates with the State Emergency Operation Center, the American Red Cross and the Southern Baptist Convention’s relief operation. They train teams who enter disaster areas and furnish potable water.

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