ANLA Partners with Japan Nurserymen’s Association

A new affiliation between the American Nursery & Landscape Association (ANLA) and the Japan Nurserymen’s Association (JNA) was announced in a ceremony on Friday, July 18 at the Boston Marriott Copley Place, Boston.

This event formalizes the relationship between the two national associations, and will aid in the further development of horticultural trade between the two countries.

“The appreciation of landscape plants is universal,” said Wayne Mezitt, president of ANLA. “This is a partnership of cooperation and support to increase international understanding about each country’s green industry and association activities. It is our hope through this partnership to improve management and plant cultural practices with visits to each other’s member businesses; increase international education and friendship among future industry leaders; and strengthen our respective businesses and associations through idea exchanging and enhanced relationships. This is a very exciting time for ANLA and the industry as a whole.”

The partnership grew out of increased trading between U.S. green industry firms with Japanese firms over the past few years. Because of the increased interest in each country’s nursery stock, the ANLA Board of Directors voted to establish a relationship with the JNA to initiate visits among U.S. green industry businesses and Japanese firms; improve trading among the two countries; and begin a student exchange program.

Before this increased interest and alliance, in Japan, the market for nursery plant products was a sector, which, to a large extent, was unexplored by U.S. suppliers. As a result, Japanese nurserymen did not know much about U.S. nursery plant variety, availability or the requirements for their care. Conversely, the Japanese market was not well known by U.S. suppliers. Currently, the Netherlands is a dominant supplier of ornamental plant products to the Japanese nursery traders and currently occupies more than 90 percent of the Japanese market for imported nursery products.

In recent years, independent U.S. marketing initiatives have been launched by the industry, and regional agriculture interests in various parts of the United States. The partnership between ANLA and JNA will help expand communications regarding these initiatives as well.

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