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When planning a new golf course, or when contemplating a small or large-scale renovation project, contact the American Society of Golf Course Architects (ASGCA) for a wide selection of publications to assist in the process. An architect’s advice on site selection, environmental matters, cost estimates and other factors can greatly affect the short and long-term success of a golf course, says Damian Pascuzzo, president of the ASGCA. The following publications provide background that can help projects run smoothly.


The Golf Course Development Planning Guide is a 16-page brochure, complete with color illustrations, and covers all of the key components involved in planning a new course project. All parties involved in the planning, financing and construction process will benefit from the brochure’s in-depth coverage, including construction and maintenance cost projections.


Selecting Your Golf Course Architect is available exclusively from the ASGCA. The comprehensive brochure provides step-by-step information on ways an architect can save money in the initial stages of a golf course project, as well as long term.


Remodeling Your Golf Course is a brochure to look at when considering a remodeling project. Information covered in the 12-page brochure includes the rationale and benefits of remodeling, advice on drafting and implementing a remodeling master plan, as well as costs and other factors related to the remodeling process.


Request for Proposal for Golf Course Architectural Services is a comprehensive document designed to help all involved in a golf venture address key elements of the project, including general notice, scope or services, the owner’s responsibilities, submittal requirements and the selection process.


Alternate Approaches to the Green is a 15-page report that addresses several alternatives to land and money shortfalls for golf course projects.


ASGCA Membership List includes the Society’s 149 member architects’ addresses, telephone and fax numbers, and e-mail and web site addresses where applicable. Find the golf course architect best suited for a new golf course or remodeling project with the ASGCA’s membership list.


An Environmental Approach to Golf Course Development is a 48-page book that addresses ways golf course architects, superintendents, golf course builders, developers and others are working to create and maintain courses in concert with the environment. The book also contains specific checklist for reference during the permitting and development process.


To obtain a copy of any of the Society’s available publications, send a self-addresses, stamped envelope, indicating the name and quantity of publications to: American Society of Golf Course Architects, 221 N. LaSalle Street, Chicago, IL 60601. Or log onto the ASGCA web site at

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