ASV’s RC-50 competes with the skid-steer

ASV introduces the RC-50 to their line of equipment to compete directly with the most popular-sized skid-steers. The RC-50 is the exact same size and has the same weight, lift height and horsepower for a similar price as the current skid-steers. The only difference is that the RC-50 uses a rubber-track system that provides more traction, power and digging ability, and greater load retention and durability. The RC-50 is the first true mid-sized, mid-priced, rubber-tracked loader.

The RC-50 weighs 4,500 to 5,500 lbs with an operating capacity of 1,350 to 1,600 lbs and includes ASV’s patented Maximum Traction & Support System (MTSS) undercarriage. In addition to it outperforming skid-steers on conventional sites, the RC-50 also has a ground pressure of only 2.7 lbs per square inch, and does virtually no environmental harm in sensitive areas.

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