BASF Professional Turf Finalizes Integration of TopPro Specialties Products

The BASF Professional Turf & Ornamental group announced the final integration of TopPro Specialties into its existing professional turf business. This move, which represents a strategic merger of products and people, is intended to expand and fortify the BASF Professional Turf and Ornamental group.

According to Mike Toce, business manager for the Professional Turf & Ornamental group, “We’re both proud and excited to complete this move. It is our intention to send a clear message to you, our customer, that BASF is committed to playing a role in the success and sustainability of your business by providing the best products and services in the industry.”

Since plans for this integration were first announced in late 2002, BASF has been examining the strategic role that each TopPro product might add to the BASF Professional Turf portfolio. As a result of this careful planning, the products included in this action are:

Fungicides: Curalan, Iprodione Pro and Propiconazole Pro

Herbicides: Basagran

Insecticides: Amdro Pro fire ant bait, Permethrin Pro turf insecticide and Bifenthrin Pro insecticide

“The selection of these specific products combines the best of both worlds from TopPro and the BASF Professional Turf group,” Toce explained. “What’s more,” he added, “as BASF moves forward with the integration, our goal is to make the process as seamless as possible for our customers. Each member of the Professional Turf & Ornamental sales team has been fully briefed on the details of the integration and the specific implications for all customers in all regions.”

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