BASF Receives U.S. Registration of Insignia Fungicide

BASF (NYSE: BF) announces that its Insignia fungicide has received registration from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Insignia gives golf course superintendents and spray technicians broad spectrum, extended control of more than 15 major turfgrass diseases as well as dollar spot suppression.

The active ingredient in Insignia is pyraclostrobin, a member of the strobilurin chemistry class, which inhibits mitochondrial respiration. Insignia suppresses dollar spot, instead of flaring it, and gives users control of up to 28 days on select turf diseases.

Insignia is a systemic fungicide recommended to control the following turfgrass pathogens: anthracnose, bentgrass dead spot, brown patch, dollar spot (suppression only), fairy ring, Fusarium patch, gray leaf spot, gray snow mold, leaf spot, melting out, pink patch, pink snow mold, powdery mildew, Pythium blight, rapid blight, red thread, rust, summer patch and take-all patch.

For maximum efficiency, Insignia should be applied preventively but also may be used curatively for some diseases. Insignia may be applied as a solo foliar spray or in tank mixes with other registered turfgrass fungicides. To improve control of certain diseases, Insignia may be tank mixed with other effective (non-strobilurin) fungicides, such as Emerald, Curalan EG, Iprodione Pro or Propiconazole Pro.

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