BASF’s Emerald Fungicide for Dollar Spot Control Gains EPA Approval

Emerald fungicide, the latest advance in turf disease technology from BASF Professional Turf, is now available to help turf managers gain effective control of dollar spot, one of the most common and troublesome turf diseases. Emerald, which recently gained registration from the United States Environmental Protection Agency, is a completely new chemistry that consistently demonstrated performance against dollar spot in university-based and golf course trials across the country.

Boscalid (BAS 510F), the active ingredient in Emerald, is classified as an inhibitor of respiration within the fungal cell. It is effective against dollar spot because it deprives fungal cells of energy and essential building blocks for different cellular components.

“We are confident that golf superintendents across the country will be extremely pleased with the dollar spot control they will achieve with Emerald,” says Greg Thompson, marketing manager, fungicides, for the BASF Professional Turf Group. “BASF is thrilled to bring this important new chemistry to market and to extend the dollar spot control options available.”

Emerald is formulated as a 70-percent-water dispersible granule and is applied at very low rates (0.13 to 0.18 ounces) in two to four gallons of water per 1,000 square feet. Emerald gives long-term control of dollar spot when applied at 14 to 28 day intervals while offering enhanced turf quality and safety. Emerald fungicide is safe to use on creeping bentgrass, colonial bentgrass, perennial ryegrass, centipedegrass, annual ryegrass, Kentucky bluegrass, common bermudagrass, hybrid bermudagrass, annual bluegrass, St. Augustinegrass, tall fescue, bahiagrass and zoysiagrass. It has been evaluated on numerous cultivars to ensure there are no variety-specific sensitivities.

University field studies show that optimum disease control and resistance management are achieved when Emerald is applied prior to disease development and is rotated in with other effective fungicides labeled for control of dollar spot on golf course turfgrass.

Activity of Emerald
Studies show that boscalid, the active ingredient in Emerald, has systemic and translaminar redistribution properties. It moves within the plant’s water stream to the leaf tip and margins, but also traverses the leaf tissue to the opposite leaf surface. This redistribution brings boscalid to unsprayed parts of the plant to help broaden disease control.

Use of Emerald is not restricted on any turfgrass type or on any specific cultivars. Boscalid is not mutagenic and has very low mammalian toxicity. It has been shown to be noncarcinogenic in mice. Emerald is not toxic to bees and exhibits low toxicity to fish and aquatic plants. To assure product performance, BASF recommends that Emerald be used according to resistance management guidelines that limit the number of applications per season and the number of sequential applications.

For more information about BASF Professional Turf’s new fungicide, Emerald, visit Check with your local distributor for availability in your specific region.

Always read and follow label directions.

Emerald is a registered trademark of BASF Corporation.

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