Bayer ES Announces Reorganization

Bayer Environmental Science recently announced a reorganization within the Chipco Professional Products marketing group. The changes include several new positions, as well as adjustments within the structure of previous positions. The new slate of managers now includes: Jim Fetter, director of marketing; Marc McNulty, business manager, insecticides; George Raymond, business manager, herbicides and plant growth regulators; Eric Kalasz, business manager, fungicides; Mike Ruizzo, business manager, CNIs; and Bryan Gooch, program manager.

Fetter leads strategic and marketing planning for all products and services related to the turf and ornamental industries. McNulty manages fipronil and curative insecticide products (Dylox, Sevin, Tempo and DeltaGard), and acts as the marketing team lead for lawn care programs, projects and services. Raymond manages all herbicide and plant growth regulator products, as well as all industrial vegetation management (IVM) and biotechnology programs, projects and services. Kalasz manages all fungicide products, and acts as the marketing team lead for all golf course programs, products and services.Ruizzo manages all Merit and chloronicotinyl insecticide products, programs and services, as well as competitive strategies across all product lines.Gooch manages all turf and ornamental rewards programs, including Accolades and Greenback end user programs, as well as distributor, formulator and agent partner programs.

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