CARB Issues Draft Regulations That Could Result in a Billion Dollars of Additional Compliance Costs

On October 14, 2003, California Air Resources Board (CARB) issued its draft regulatory language addressing evaporative emissions from lawn and garden equipment. After an initial review of these draft regulations, the Outdoor Power Equipment Institution (OPEI) announced its disappointed that CARB has failed to address many of the industry’s objections and concerns. Most significantly, CARB has refused to limit the program (as requested) to those products sold and used in California. If the CARB regulations become de facto national standards through state opt-in, OPEI projects that the CARB rules could impose $1 billion in additional compliance costs over the next decade. These increased regulatory compliance costs may accelerate the further loss of U.S. jobs to cheaper foreign markets.

OPEI submitted a letter to the California EPA to reiterate OPEI’s position as presented in OPEI’s written and oral statement to the CARB Board earlier this year. In its prior testimony and in its October 17th letter, OPEI again urges CARB to: (1) limit its regulatory program to products sold and used in California; and (2) work with the independent national fire and safety organizations that still believe a safety study is required to address their unresolved safety concerns.

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