Chemical Updates

Grounds Maintenance magazine annually revises and publishes it Chemical Updates series. Below are links to our online versions. Currently, we have our Year 2000 Turfgrass Chemical Updates - herbicides, insecticides and fungicides - in searchable format. As we add updates to this site, you'll see the list of available tables continue to grow, but in table format. At this point, we have tables for ornamental products, vertebrate pest controls, non-selective products and fertilizer/pesticide combinations in addition to searchable Updates for turf insecticides, herbicides and fungicides.

Using a table format is convenient on the printed page, but can be unwieldy when viewed on a screen, especially for larger tables. You may have to do some scrolling to see all the information you're after. On the other hand, the tables are printable, whereas the searchable updates are not. We're continually experimenting with new ways of presenting this information. However, we hope you find the current formats to be useful. They contain the same information found in our printed versions that appear in the magazine.

You can go to the Turfgrass Chemical Updates from here.

The Udpates for ornamental products can be found here.

Click here to see the Update for vertebrate pest controls.

Click here for Non-selective chemicals.

Click here for fertilizer/pesticide combinations.

More Updates will be online soon.

Please remember, The Updates are copyrighted material, owned by Primedia Business Magazines and Media and published for the benefit of turf and ornamental professionals. Any re-publication, or re-use for commercial purposes, is strictly prohibited without written permission from Primedia Business.

Also note: THE CHEMICAL UPDATES ARE NOT RECOMMENDATIONS OR ENDORSEMENTS FOR THE LISTED PRODUCTS. FURTHER, WE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY ERRORS OR OMISSIONS. The Updates are for planning purposes only and do not constitute label instructions. You must read and follow label instructions for any pesticide you use.

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